5 Reasons Why We Love MegaFoods

5 Reasons Why We Love MegaFoods

  1. They source their ingredients from REAL food. For example… their Vitamin C is sourced DIRECTLY from oranges…. like… straight from them!! ¬†The same goes for most of their vitamins and minerals. Hence, Farm to Tablet! ūüôā
  2. They support local farmers with whom they have formed close friendships.
  3. They use a one-of-a-kind Slo Food Process to ensure all of the nutrients are fully processed & available to the body… Each batch takes over 236 hours!!!
  4. They believe in total transparency and have links to Live Webcams within their facility so you can actually see where your supplements are being made.
  5. They produce allergen-free, non-gmo, organic wherever possible, top quality, sustainable, AND highly absorbed vitamins to help us feel amazing! #yup #theyrekillinit #thatswhy

The SierraSil Story

The SierraSil Story

Have you heard of SierraSil? It’s a joint health formula made of a mineral-rich clay that has shown to¬†improve cartilage and joint function as well as support gentle detoxification of the body – thus promoting overall health and well being. It’s clinically researched and guaranteed to show results, FAST!


At Health Essentials, we love learning about the who, what, where and why behind the products that we carry, and we thought the story behind SierraSil was definitely worth sharing!

The Discovery of SierraSil

The story goes: A prospector in search of gold in the Sierra Mountain ranges in Yosemite National Park, stumbled upon the discovery of a VERY mineral rich clay. ¬†Such clay was sought after by the wild animals in the region, who’s instincts drew them to the nutrients in the clay. ¬†The explorer observed the animals, and decided to harvest some of the clay to feed to his domestic livestock. ¬†He observed that the animal’s health steadily improved, and it wasn’t long before the clay was tested on humans. ¬†Now, SierraSil has helped MANY people achieve improved health and vitality, all due to the wisdom of the wild! Pretty cool hey?! Have you used SierraSil? What did you think? Let us know! ūüôā

Harmonic Arts Powered By


Harmonic Arts

Harmonic Arts is a botanical dispensary from the Comox Valley area, right here on the Island! It is co-founded by Clinical Herbalists, Yarrow Willard & Angela Willard.  They are committed to high-quality & sustainable plant-based products that can promote health and vitality for people of all ages. The entire line of Harmonic Arts products is sourced as locally and organically as possible and offers a wide range of products including medicinal mushrooms, loose teas, loose herbs, herbal powders, wild raw honey & more!

Harmonic Arts Superfood Upgrades

Harmonic Arts does a variety of Superfood Upgrade Powders, each with unique flavours & health-boosting benefits. The three blends that we were able to try were: Activate, Elevate & Engage.  Here is a little bit more about each blend!



  • Chocolate Bliss
  • Deep Immune
  • Stress Balance
  • Core Nourishment

Ingredients: Raw Cacao, Lucuma, Mesquite, Maca, Mucuna Extract, Chaga Dual Extract, Reishi Dual Extract, Shilajit, True Cinnamon



  • Creamy Cardamom
  • Uplifting Mood
  • Mind Nourishing
  • Energy Building

Ingredients: Tocotrienols, Lucuma, Mucuna Extract, Green Tea Pollen, Pine Pollen, Lion’s Mane, Coconut Water Crystals, Cardamom



  • Nutrient Dense
  • Pre/Post Workout
  • Power Boosting
  • No Sweetener

Ingredients: Ingredients: Sprouted Brown Rice Protein Powder, Rice Bran (Tocotrienols), Coconut Water Crystals, Maca Powder, Incan Spirulina, Goji Juice Powder, Cordyceps Dual Extract Powder, Pine Pollen Powder, Pumpkin Spice, Ginger Root Powder, Stevia Leaf Powder.


We were Powered by Harmonic Arts for one month…. & this is how it went for us!


“I tried Harmonic Art’s Elevate powder. I blended it with my bulletproof coffee (coffee, butter, and xct oil) and loved it! It gave my coffee a delicious creamy taste with a hint of cardamom. Elevate made me feel more awake, energized, and more aware than just having my regular coffee. I love that it has the medicinal mushroom Lion’s Mane in it too. It is the perfect addition to my morning!” – Catherine

“I tried the Harmonic Arts Elevate, I am new this product and it definitely did not disappoint. I mixed it in with my morning smoothies before school and It gave me a more centred and focused energy feeling that was perfect while studying! The cardamom flavour paired perfectly with a banana and almond butter smoothie. I have already bought more it is such a great product :)!” – Sarah
“I loved trying out Activate in my morning tea. It has a rich, chocolatey taste, and it felt so good knowing it’s full of nourishing ingredients compared to the usual chocolate drinks! It was great having that extra boost of energy and stress-relief in the morning.I tried it a few different ways, but my favourite was blending a couple tablespoons in my morning rooibos tea. I added a little bit of honey for sweetness and it was a perfect blend. I felt like I was drinking hot chocolate but was also nourishing my body and mind for the day!” – Allannah
“I tried “Engage” which is great for a little protein and energy boost. I made it with pumpkin pur√©e, coconut cream, sunflower lecithin and added a dash of matcha ( I also may have put a dollop of unsweetened whip cream on there). I loved the pumpkin pie spice in it that gave it some warmth and the feeling of getting cordyceps, pine pollen and maca mid day to keep me going without stimulants.” – Tiffany

I tried Harmonic Arts Activate powder. It’s the first time I’ve ever tried it, and I LOVED it. Since it has a chocolatey flavour, I made it into a delicious & buttery ūüėČ hot chocolate with stevia. It also tasted really great mixed in with yogurt! I found that the Powder gave me a really calm & focused energy, which makes sense due to the¬†Reishi & Maca, and I didn’t feel guilty after having it like I would sometimes with sugary hot chocolate powders :). I will definitely continue having Activate as my go-to hot chocolate (and even coffee)¬†alternative! – Kelly

Kaizen Protein – Our Staff Review


Kaizen Whey

Kaizen is a premium quality New Zealand sourced whey protein that comes from pasture-raised cows! Kaizen protein contains no added sugar, gluten, artificial flavours, hormones, antibiotics or pesticides.  Their whey protein is extremely easy to digest, tastes delicious and mixes easily without a blender!

There is a Kaizen Whey flavour for everyone! ūüôā ¬†Kaizen Whey comes in the following flavours:

  • Natural
  • Vanilla Bean
  • Decadent Chocolate
  • Strawberry
  • Orange
  • Cinnamon Bun

What is whey protein?

Whey is one of two proteins found in milk. ¬†It is¬†a complete protein, containing all essentials amino acids. ¬†It’s also absorbed VERY quickly and is highly bioavailable. ¬†Whey has been prized for¬†aiding in¬†muscle recovery, its¬†immune modulating and regenerative components, and for containing pre-cursors necessary for¬†glutathione production.

Most people will consume whey as a form of post workout nutrition to aid in recovery, but it can also be consumed at other times of the day as an added protein boost!

Our team tried Kaizen Whey protein for a month and this is what everyone thought:



“I’m loving the Kaizen Whey, it mixes well with water and the Orange flavour is a great change from the typical Chocolate and Vanilla flavours. I really appreciate Kaizen’s commitment to keeping their product as clean as possible using stevia and natural flavourings as well as sourcing from quality dairy. I usually have my shake post exercise mixed with ice!” – Brady





“Love using kaizen chocolate protein for a sweet treat without the harmful effects of sugar. Getting a little extra protein in my day gives me more energy too! I blend a scoop of kaizen protein with a quarter avocado , a splash of coconut milk and a half a frozen banana to make a delicious pudding… yum! ” – Tiffany






“I¬†loved using the Kaizen Whey protein! It worked great as a pick-me-up midday at work, especially¬†on busy days. It helped fill me up and give me energy for the rest of my shift :). I tried the chocolate one because #chocolateislife.”
– John




“I tried the Kaizen Vegan chocolate protein. I very much enjoyed this protein. With most proteins I usually have some difficulty with my stomach, but with this one I had no trouble! It’s a great product for people with¬†sensitive stomachs, like myself!” – Laura




“I love adding Kaizen Whey protein to my morning shakes! My body digests the protein very easily, and I love how it’s from grass-fed New Zealand cows. ¬†This protein tastes amazing too, and blends in flawlessly.” – Catherine






untitled-design“Kaizen’s Whey protein is one of the best protein¬†powders I have tried. It’s easy to mix with water, or my favourite way to have it, with yogurt. I have tons of energy after I have whey, and when mixed with yogurt, it also helps keep me full for hours. ¬†My body has no problem digesting this protein powder!”-Tyler


Greens+ Extra Energy – The Staff Scoop.

Extra Energy Powered By

Have you ever tried Genuine Health’s Greens+ Extra Energy? Well we did, and WE LOVED IT!


Greens+ Original formula and History:

Greens+ is a nutrient-rich greens formula that was created by Psychologist,¬†Sam Graci in 1989 to help treat behavioural problems in adolescents. ¬†Sam worked closely with problematic teens and noticed that a profound difference in behaviour occurred upon dietary adjustments. ¬†The original formula was made to be a dietary supplement that would help cover a lot of the bases that are missing in the majority of people’s diets. ¬†It is an amazing source of over 23¬†phytonutrients sourced from many nutritious vegetables and fruits.¬†¬†Greens+ has proven again, and again to be a fantastic nourishing super food blend that is alkaline-enhancing, & digestion-improving.


Greens+ Extra Energy:

The same amazing Greens+ Formula, but with an added natural caffeine kick to help boost your energy and increase your mood throughout the day. ¬†Greens+ has been Canada’s favourite green food supplement for over 20 years, bringing improved health, energy, and vitality into our lives. The extra energy version gives a boost of balanced and sustained energy! It contains energizing natural ingredients including taurine and naturally-occurring caffeine from the kola nut.

One serving daily provides:

  • Nutrient-rich Greens+ including an¬†entire range of powerful nutrients from fruits, veggies, superfoods, sea vegetables, and standardized herbs, delivering all of the nutritional goodness these potent foods offer.
  • Long-lasting natural energy with no over-stimulation or energy “crash” side effects.
  • Increased mental clarity and vitality.
  • Sugar-free alternative to energy drinks and coffee.


Kola Nut:
The Kola Nut is what the original “Cola” was made with as it has amazing energy increasing qualities, and it tastes great! Traditionally the kola nut was not consumed in sugar-filled, synthetic sodas that are void of any beneficial properties… but rather it was eaten for its “mind-clearing” benefits. ¬†The kola nut has some amazing focus & energy increasing qualities. ¬†Not only is it a natural stimulant, but it also has been known to increase cerebral blood flow,¬†improving¬†cognition! The kola nut can increase oxygen levels in the blood, further increasing energy throughout your mind & body!

Greens+ Extra Energy comes in two delicious flavours, to suit your preference.¬†One¬†is¬†a delicious, tangy, and very popular¬†Orange flavour. ¬†The other is a fantastic, creamy, & energizing¬†Cappuccino flavour. ¬†They’re both really great, and are sweetened with stevia so they can be enjoyed guilt-free any time of day with no energy crashes! ūüôā


We tried this amazing formula for a month and this is what we thought:



“I absolutely LOVE Greens+ Extra Energy! I drink it everyday at work in the afternoon for a refreshing energy boost. It tastes the best out of any greens I’ve had and mixes super smoothly. I love the way it makes me feel!”
– Catherine






“Greens+ Extra Energy (particularly the Cappuccino flavour… YUM) is literally the only reason I can wake up in the morning. I roll out of bed, sleepy-eyed, before saying good morning to anybody, mix up my Extra Energy shake, thoroughly enjoy it…. and then I’m ready to take on the day. I love how happy and energized Extra Energy makes me feel. ¬†It is a must have each morning, and I even sometimes will have a second midday for a pick-me-up. ūüôā ¬†I tested my alkalinity after using Greens+ Extra Energy for a month and it truly does help keep my pH slightly alkaline!”
– Kelly



“Greens extra energy is my absolute favourite way to get a burst of energy without a crash. ¬†Essential for keeping up with a two year old ūüėú!¬†I love a green drink in the afternoon especially if I haven’t eaten enough veggies that day. ”
– Tiffany



“Greens+ Extra Energy is great! I usually drink it as a mid¬†afternoon¬†pick-me-up during the work day. I feel so good when I drink it :)!”
– John

img_9590“I LOVE Greens+ Extra Energy. I tried the cappuccino flavour, I wouldn’t say it’s a true cappuccino flavour but more a cocoa coffee flavour profile (it was delicious!). ¬†It’s the perfect thing to start my day with and was nice to have¬†something that wasn’t fruity in the morning. It was delicious blended¬†in with chocolate protein and almond butter, but I mostly had it solo¬†with water and maca powder.¬† The thing¬†I enjoyed most about it was the mental alertness it gave¬†me and the extra boost of greens, cause who doesn’t want more greens right ūüôā ! #obsessed ”
– Lynn

Ty's Morning Ritual-
“Greens+ Extra Energy Cappuccino is my favourite thing to drink in the mornings during my sauna session. ¬†It is a quick, easy, and delicious way to get an extra dose of greens in. ¬†Greens+ Extra Energy¬†makes me feel great, and helps me with multitasking during the day. ¬†The natural caffeine, bee pollen, and taurine also provide a long-lasting energy supply with no crash!”


“I have a ¬†Greens+ Extra Energy Orange shake every morning! ¬†The orange flavour is my favourite. It’s definitely¬†the best tasting greens I have ever tried. I love taking it with me on camping and hiking trips because it’s light and easy to pack and I’ll occasionally have it mid-afternoon for some extra energy (no pun intended ūüėČ ). ¬†I’ve never had anything that wakes my brain up like extra energy does anytime I have it!”
– Brady


Have you tried Greens+ Extra Energy before? ¬†Do you love it as much as we do? What time of day do you find it works best for you ūüôā ? ¬†Let us know! We love receiving feedback on our products!

Vitamix 101 – What’s all the Hype about?



Have you heard people rave about their Vitamix Blender?
Are you yet to be convinced? Well, allow us to enlighten you a bit.

Whether you’re a smoothie-lover, a soup-lover, a Bulletproof Coffee lover, a chef extraordinaire¬†or even a mega kitchen-hater… A Vitamix Blender could be a real game changer for you!

What makes them so amazing?

Simplicity is key.


  • No extra containers, attachments, or blades to worry about. ¬†Just one awesome, versatile package.

Easy to adjust dial and controls.


  • The controls on Vitamix blenders¬†are so straight forward and easy to follow – with speed options on one side, and preset smoothie, dessert, soup, puree & self-cleaning settings on the other!

Controlled power.


  • These amazing blenders have the capacity to mix just about anything, not because they have the highest possible horsepower (although they do pack a punch – up to 2hp!), but because their components work together effortlessly to blend whatever you desire, smoothly.

Handles heat – Can actually heat soup!!


  • Vitamix Blenders are perfect for blending up already warm ingredients – such as a Bulletproof Coffee – and they can actually heat up soup ingredients from cold using heat created by speed and friction.

Full Warranty Guarantee!


  • In addition to the¬†the fact that Vitamix Blenders are highly durable, this amazing company offers a fantastic warranty guarantee for up to 7 years after initial purchase! Understanding that this machine is quite an investment, the lengthy warranty that Vitamix guarantees can help put¬†a wary purchaser’s mind at ease!

Self Cleaning in just 60 seconds!


Starting tomorrow, August 26th we are having a huge sale on Vitamix Blenders!

Save¬†$25 off of our already low price on the Vitamix models that we carry! That’s $125.00 total savings!!

¬†If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to call us at the store at 250-590-5524 or send us an email at hello@myhealthessentials.ca.


vitamix promo save 125


Luna Sandals – THE Ultimate Adventure Shoe

Luna Sandals

At Health Essentials, we’re crazy about the outdoors. Whether it’s super¬†sunny outside like it has been this August, or it’s crazy rainy like it tends to be from time to time on the Wet West Coast ūüėČ … We just can’t get enough fresh air! ¬†Perhaps as much as we love being outside, we love spending time barefoot, which is why Luna Sandals are one of our¬†year round footwear essentials.

It can be hard to navigate on some outdoor terrains without a little protection for our soles, especially since most of us are so used to having worn shoes our whole lives.  Luna Sandals are the perfect medium between protection and freedom.  

What are Luna Sandals?

manuel Luna

Luna Sandals were created by a man named Ted MacDonald – aka: “Barefoot Ted” –¬†whose journey of learning how to run pain-free led him to the concept of¬†barefoot running. Running and moving without the impeding modern day “technology” of conventional shoes can have amazing benefits for our body, and actually reduce risk of pain and injury. Our bodies were meant to move – just not the way most modern day footwear forces them to.

Luna Sandals were inspired by traditional cultural styles of sandals, much like those in the Tarahumara natives of Mexico. On a trip to run a 50-mile Ultra Marathon in the Copper Canyons, Barefoot Ted became friends with a man named Manuel Luna, who made him his first pair of “huarache” sandals out of tire rubber and rope (see above). And thus, the name Luna Sandals came to be – inspired by and named after a true Tarahumara native.

Why we LOVE them.

We find ourselves regressing back to what our ancestors did and how traditional cultures lived again, and again when it comes to virtually all aspects of natural health and wellness. Allowing our bodies to express their natural biology seems to be the key to human vitality. Humans were created to move like humans, and Luna sandals allow our natural movement to be expressed to the fullest, while still providing protection.

Luna Sandals are a line of highly durable, adventure sandals that allow your ENTIRE foot to feel like it’s free!

This sandal is amazing for the heat – letting your feet fully breathe.
They are also fantastic for rainy weather – allowing water to wick away from the foot and rubber sole of the shoe.. puddle free!

There are different styles available for all types of weather conditions, terrain and preference, but they all keep the same simple concept in mind: Allowing your feet to act like the strong foundational bases that they are, allows your body to be aligned and supported properly.


One of our very favourite, and perhaps one of the most versatile Luna Sandal styles that we carry is The Leadville Pacer. Equipped with a 9mm Vibram rubber sole, and aggressive tread that is designed to help you navigate any terrain, this sandal is perfect for even the most adventurous types.