Mar 6, 2024

What’s the tea on Celtic Sea Salt?

Health Tips

First off, let’s start with a quick remark on the overall importance of salt.  Salt contains electrolytes such as sodium and potassium that are essential for many processes in the body including maintaining fluid homeostasis, ensuring adequate hydration, supporting the adrenals, and allowing nerve signalling. Salt can sometimes get a bad rap, but the truth is our bodies require the electrolytes it contains.  That said, not all salt is created equal.  Alas, Celtic Sea Salt. 

What is Celtic Sea Salt?

This is a brand of salt in which all varieties were originally sourced from France, harvested from clay-lined beds.  They offered unrefined salt, meaning that the salt still contained all of the many minerals that are naturally occurring, and was not “refined” down to sodium and chloride as many table salts are.  The result is a salt that flavours your food in the same way (or better), but offers a multitude of health benefits!

What does “Light Grey” refer to?

The variety that is named Light Grey Celtic Salt gets its name for its characteristic colour.  Given its sourcing from a clay-lined bed, and its unrefined nature, this salt is not pure white and has a tinge of grey colouring to it – owing to the added minerals.  The unrefined, coarse version of this salt is best used with a plastic or ceramic grinder (avoid a metal grinder as this salt is not dried and contains moisture that can rust the metal!).

Do the “Fine Ground” and “Flower of the Ocean” come from the same sourcing? Why would I use either?

The Light Grey Celtic Sea Salt and the Fine Ground Celtic Sea Salt both come from the same sourcing out of France.  While the Light Grey original salt is entirely unrefined, the Fine Ground Celtic Sea Salt is dried at a low temperature and crushed for convenience.  This salt will resemble a salt you’re likely used to having used, does not require a grinder, and is perfect for baking! 

The Flower of the Ocean Salt is sourced from Portugal and is actually made by skimming off the top of a salt brine, resulting in a super fine crystal that is a perfect serve up atop a meal!

So, what’s the deal with the Pink Cave Potassium Salt?

The Celtic Sea Salt Potassium Pink Cave Salt stands apart from the rest in both sourcing and its electrolyte breakdown as well.  While most salt tends to be significantly higher in sodium than potassium, this unique salt is extremely rich in potassium.  It is unrefined, preserving its natural mineral content and electrolyte profile, and is sourced from an ancient sea cave in Spain.