Jul 10, 2024



Did you know that we carry Icebreaker Merino?

We carry a large selection of seasonally changing Icebreaker Merino Wool in store.  We do not have Icebreaker currently available in our online store, but are more than happy to take phone orders if there are styles you are interested in!

We LOVE Icebreaker for all of its amazing benefits and versatility in most any environment.

There are so many reasons to love it, but we can’t go on and on… so here’s 5 of our top reasons to choose Icebreaker.

Why we love it:

1. It is naturally antibacterial and odour resistant.

One of the most magical benefits of this natural fibre clothing is that bacteria just simply doesn’t like sticking to it! This makes it great for athletic wear, hiking gear, and packing on most any trip where you may be double or triple wearing ;).

2. It is thermoregulating.

Merino sheep do not naturally shed their wool, which means their wool needs to be able to keep them warm when it’s cold out, and allow them to vent heat when it’s hot out… and that’s exactly what the clothing made from their wool can do for you! It also stays warm when wet.  It is perhaps the perfect fibre for most any Canadian weather conditions.

3. The natural fibres are resilient.

Icebreaker Merino is made with performance in mind.  Merino fibres are naturally resilient and can stand the test of terrain, and stresses of regular wear and tear, but Icebreaker designs their pieces with technology that helps them last even longer.

4. It’s lightweight.

Icebreaker clothing is shockingly packable! It packs perfectly and is easily folded small enough to fit into any travel bag – whether it be

5. Their socks are guaranteed for LIFE!

Okay, so not only do their socks offer all of the amazing above benefits… but, they are guaranteed for life! What? YES! If the sock wears through before you deem reasonable, you may bring your socks back (with a receipt) to anywhere that sells Icebreaker for a replacement pair.