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Modern Mushroom Medicine with Yarrow Willard, Cl.H.

Thursday, October 27th @ 6:30pm

Please note you will need to purchase a $5 voucher to reserve your spot. This voucher can be used toward the store anytime following the event. 

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Join Yarrow Willard, Clinical Herbalist, in exploring the healing power, folklore & science of the world’s top functional mushrooms!

Learn how to support immune system intelligence, mental wellness, and whole body vitality with medicinal mushrooms. With centuries of clinical evidence and decades of scientific research, mushrooms are becoming a preferred choice addressing many chronic health conditions.
At this event Yarrow will guide you through:
1. The top 5 mushrooms at supporting immunity and stress resilience.
2. The best growing and extraction methods to unlock their healing potential.
3. Dosage, safety and best practitioners.
4. How to easily add mushrooms into your daily routine.