Generating and Protecting Collagen with Dr. Marita Schauch, N.D.

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Join us for an educational talk all about the benefits of collagen! Chances are you’ve heard the buzz… smoothing wrinkles and cellulite, improving hair, skin nails and joints? Can this really be true?!

Come and find out from local naturopath Dr. Marita Schauch, as she explores the science, busts the myths, and reveals the REAL deal about your body’s collagen, where it goes and how to get it back!

About our educator:聽

Dr. Marita Schauch is the author of two books, Making Sense of Women’s Health and Collagen Myths & Misconceptions. She also co-authored The Adrenal Stress Connections.

In addition to her clinical practice, she lectures across North America educating people on positive lifestyle choices.

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Canada Day Open House

Join us for a HUGE open house on Monday, July 1st to help us celebrate Canada Day!

Every year on Canada Day, the Gorge Tillicum Community Association hosts the Gorge Canada Day Picnic with tons of exciting activities all along the length of Gorge Road! With our awesome location at the end of the Gorge Waterway, we stay open on Canada Day and join the party! 馃檪 We will have TONS to free demos, giveaways, and awesome deals on great products! We also will have a Canada Day Tattoo station with free tattoos for ALL ages! 馃槈

Is It Stress or Anxiety with Alain Roy

Join us as we host mental health expert Alain Roy for an informative seminar about stress and anxiety.

  • Discover the causes and effects
  • Understand the differences between the two
  • Find non-prescription solutions

Space is limited, pick up your ticket here!聽 All attendees receive a $5 voucher back towards the store.

8 Year Anniversary Open House

We are turning EIGHT this year! We are so incredibly thankful for all of the community support we have received over the last 8 years and we want to spend our 8 Year Anniversary giving back to YOU!

Join us for a two day Open House on Friday, May 3rd and Saturday, May 4th.

Come on down and let us appreciate you! 馃檪

– Store-wide savings

– Delicious demos and complementary skin care consultations

– Tons of giveaways and chances to WIN!

A Better More Energetic You with Charity Parkinson, Cl.H

A Better More Energetic You, Rewire Your Routine!

Join us for an inspiring and refreshing look at building a healthy routine and boosting your energy levels.

We鈥檒l talk about the importance of mindset and the studies on changing our habits and beliefs.

We鈥檒l also help you to discover which adaptogenic herbs will support you the best for your unique energy needs.

Charity Parkinson, Cl.H.

Charity Parkinson is a Clinical Herbalist, Holistic Nutrition Coach and Wellness Educator. She has decades of experience working within the world of natural health and wellness. Charity is a wealth of knowledge and a pleasure to learn from! We are so excited to be hosting her again this month.

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Beauty Seminar: Refresh Your Skin, Naturally

Is it time for you to refresh your look and make the switch to more natural ingredients?Join us for a fun evening of skin care and makeup :

聽 聽 聽 What steps you can take to see a whole new you!

聽 聽 聽 Skin Types and Conditions

聽 聽 聽 Causes of Skin Aging

聽 聽 聽 Effective Natural Cosmetics

聽 聽 聽 Importance of a skin care regime


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Bust Stress and Balance Hormones with Nutritionist Julie Daniluk, RHN

Recent scientific discoveries have confirmed that there are powerful foods and herbs that can help us attain hormonal harmony. Learn how to reduce the stress response to improve sleep and increase joy. Explore sound strategies to reduce adrenal exhaustion, PMS and support healthy thyroid function.

Leave refreshed and engaged with an easy to follow plan for weight, energy and mood balance.


Holistic Nutritionist Julie Daniluk hosts Healthy Gourmet, a reality cooking show, now shown in over 78 countries. Her award-winning bestseller, Meals That Heal Inflammation, has helped over 100,000 people enjoy allergy-free foods that taste great. Julie’s latest book, Hot Detox, was the number #1 Canadian health book in 2017 with 11 weeks on the bestseller list.

She has appeared on hundreds of television and radio shows, including The Dr. Oz Show, and is a resident nutrition expert for The Marilyn Denis Show.

Check out amazing recipes and nutrition tips at and connect directly with Julie on social media @juliedaniluk.

Mindfulness March

We鈥檙e at the start of a new month, March. 聽So why not start a new mindfulness practice?
I don鈥檛 know about you guys but for me, my phone is a huge distraction.

Have you ever had those days when you get home, sit down, check your phone and a kazillion hours later you鈥檝e found yourself down a rabbit hole scrolling social media feeds or caught up in more work? This is definitely me.

So, my new mindfulness practice for this month is, to not do this.

mindfulness marchTo help me make this happen I have created an adorable little home for my much-appreciated phone. Every day when I get home, my phone goes into its happy new home.

When the time comes that I need to use my phone, (or choose to).The plan is, that I haveto stay in the area of this one spot while I use my phone.

It鈥檚 kind of a throwback to the days where everything wasn鈥檛 wireless.

Remember those times when phone cords were attached to the wall?Okay, so I’m dating myself.Long story short, if you wanted to talk to a friend for hours at a time (yes hours) you would have to sit in that one spot where your corded phone lived (which was usually in the middle of your family room- where everyone was hanging out)

So that鈥檚 the idea.I’m starting this practice in hopes that confining me to one spot will help make my phone use thought out and mindful.

This is the beginning of my new mindfulness practice.

Are you doing any mindfulness practices? Inspire others by sharing what you鈥檙e doing.


FREE SEMINAR: The Transformative Power of Mushrooms – From Our Earth to Your Health

Join us for a lecture on the complex relationship between mushroom mycelium and our multifaceted world. Myco-remediation of toxic earth, Myco-filtration of contaminated water, and Myco-agricultural practices that invigorate soils are all methods of utilizing these often overlooked mushroom root structures to positively impact our environment. We will also present how new studies show that mycelium can support honeybees in their fight against the devastation of colony collapse disorder.

Finally, we will discuss the astounding health benefits of different mushroom species to support balanced immunity, breathing, cardiovascular health, digestion, and brain and nerve function. Learn which mycological allies can best support your unique needs!

About Jerry Angelini, MS, LRC, LMT:

Jerry is an integrative practitioner and Education Director for Host Defense Organic Mushrooms. Jerry draws from over 30 years of experience and training in various modalities including Western Psychotherapy, Planetary Herbalism, Clinical Aromatherapy, NeuroMuscular Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage therapy, CranioSacral Therapy, Reiki, Qi Gong and Tui Na. Jerry has taught classes and given scholastic and informational lectures for over 20 years.

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Life Hacks For a Healthier You with Dr. Frank Silva, N.D.

Anxiety, emotional shifts, moodiness, stress, depression… it鈥檚 not all in your head.

Join Dr. Frank Silva to learn about the connection between sleep, digestion, and strong immunity and how to bring about and maintain this delicate balance.

Find out about key ingredients that contribute to optimal nutrient absorption, reduced inflammation, and improved digestive and emotional well-being, to help keep your body happy and spirits up all year round.


About our speaker:

Dr. Frank Silva is a Naturopathic Doctor, author, and speaker. He regularly appears on television and radio as a healthy expert and is an incredible wealth of knowledge when it comes to digestive health and complex chronic diseases. We thoroughly enjoy learning from Dr. Silva whenever we get the chance and we know you will too!! 馃檪