Oct 13, 2022

Growing & Shaking #1: The “We Want to Have Kids” Stage

Who I am:

Hi I’m Lynn, and I am a first time Mama to two amazing twin boys, an entrepreneur, and a lover of natural health and nature.  Welcome to my blog series! Here I want to share with you the things that helped me most during my personal journey of becoming a mother, the things that kept me well during my twin pregnancy, and other useful tidbits that keep coming up through this ongoing journey our instant/new family of four is on! I hope that you can receive this with all of the love I intend it to behold, and use what feels right for you and your family, understanding that this is simply what worked for me; a compiled toolkit of tips and advice I was given by other great mamas, or happened upon through my own trial and error, and ultimately that I found benefit from. 

The twins, whose names are Hunter and Colby, are now over a year so many of the early posts in this series will be a throw back to last year. 

What I found helpful in the “We Want to Have Kids” stage

The advice of tried and true experts: Top book recommendation

When we decided we wanted to start a family my hubby and I had worked in the health industry for a combined 30 plus years (we started real young).  Personally, having worked directly in the health world for over 10 years, I had stumbled upon many baby books, but none quite as comprehensive as Dave Asprey & Dr. Lana Asprey’s The Better Baby Book: How to Have a Healthier, Smarter, Happier Baby.  What I love about the better baby book is it focuses on cleansing your body of toxins then nourishing it with the optimal building blocks to conceive.  There’s no fear mongering or scare tactics. Getting pregnant felt scary enough as it is… let’s not load on any more fear! 

The book is written by fertility expert and medical doctor, Lana Asprey, M.D. and her husband who is an esteemed Biohacker and Best Selling Author, Dave Asprey (you may know him as the host of the popular podcast Upgraded Radio or as the founder and creator of Bulletproof coffee).  The two of them had challenges conceiving, and at one point Dr. Lana was also told she would never have children.  Fast forward to 2022 and they have two beautiful outgoing and smart teenagers!  This book is their guide to preparing the body for a healthy pregnancy with optimal nourishment for a healthy baby.  We love this book for those of you wanting to start a family, but to be honest it’s a great book for anyone wanting to get their health on track.  Pregnant women are encouraged to treat their body like a temple, and why shouldn’t we all? 

Not much of a book reader? That’s okay! My top online resource recommendation:

Mama Natural @ www.mamanatural.com

Being in the industry for the length of time that I have, I’ve found that Mama Natural covers it all. She has a wicked website with much of the same info and a fantastic baby course, which I did and wholeheartedly recommend!!  What I love about this course, and the book mentioned above as well, is that it’s a week by week layout and covers everything from nutrition, to how to find things to wear (very underrated information tidbit), to what to expect in each stage, and then how to plan for the birth you want (if planning suits you).  

PS… There’s no affliation to Mama Natural just an appreciation for all of the useful health info she shares with us to-be, new, and seasoned mamas!

I hope that this was helpful to you and your family, and please reach out and let me know what resources you found most guidance from. I love to be able to pass on more knowledge to those wondering.  Knowledge is power perhaps especially rings true when embarking on starting a family! 

Yours in gratitude,