Our Mission

To cultivate extraordinary lives. The idea of Health Essentials has flourished from our vision, to provide a space that is about more than awesome health and wellness products. Our goal is to support and attract a community of health-minded people, who share a collective passion for living well that reaches beyond the conventional, and covers all of the lifestyle factors necessary to truly thrive in our modern world.

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Our Values

We continually strive to make it as easy as possible for members of our community to find resources that enhance their unique health journeys, and support their lifestyles.

Be Real

We believe in transparency and honesty practice. What we preach is lead by example, and we sell only what we ourselves believe in.

Make a Difference

By sharing information, we seek to inspire and support people in their health journeys. We prioritize sourcing that supports our community.

Honour Nature

We support and partner with companies that focus on sustainability and ethical sourcing, and ones that are inspired by traditional practices.

See the Good

We respect the individual choices of others, and choose to see the best in people through empathy and understanding. We welcome everyone into our community.

The Story of Health Essentials

Health Essentials was founded in 2011, by husband and wife duo Tyler and Lynn of Victoria, BC. Their shared passion for learning about cutting-edge natural health topics, and for helping their community of friends and family achieve wellness, fuelled their idea to create the space that Health Essentials has become. The team now includes many passionate members, who are equally as committed to living well, absorbing information surrounding all things natural health, and sharing their knowledge. Just as the community and team behind Health Essentials have evolved, so has the selection of products available. What began as a quality supplement and health food resource now reaches into broader areas of wellness, including becoming one of BC’s top suppliers of Bulletproof coffee products, sustainable Icebreaker merino wool clothing, barefoot footwear, natural body care, and so much more.

Meet the Team


Tyler (aka Ty) is one of HE’s cofounders. He was born and raised in Victoria, BC and is passionate about all things health and wellness.  He is the father of two healthy twin boys who he and Lynn welcomed into the world in 2021. Tyler has over two decades of experience working within the Natural Health industry and is consistently updating his repertoire of information to pass along to HE’s community of customers and team members. If you’re wondering about a natural sport performance or health enhancing supplement… chances are he knows all about it, and has probably tried it! He loves camping, cold ocean dips and strength training, and makes an effort to get into nature as much as possible. Tyler’s favourite thing about owning and working at Health Essentials is the deep sense of community and the awesome people he gets to meet and spend time with everyday!


Lynn is one of HE’s cofounders. She was born and raised in Victoria, BC as the youngest of six kids. She is also the mother of two healthy twin boys, who she and Tyler welcomed into the world in 2021! She has a passion for learning about natural health and how local and sustainable practices affect the Earth. She has a strong dedication to personal growth and is always striving to be the best version of herself she can, and inspiring others to do the same. With over a decade of experience working within the natural health world, she is eager to pass along product and wellness knowledge to the community of team members and customers she gets to interact with. She loves hiking in nature, enjoying the abundance of lakes and beaches on the island, and spending time with friends and family. Lynn’s favourite thing about working at HE is the people she gets to spend her time with, from the team to the customers – the entire HE community!




Brady (aka B) is our Store Manager at HE. He was born and raised in Victoria, BC and joined the HE team in 2012. He is quite literally a wealth of information and knowledge on many health related topics with two decades of experience studying health, wellness & performance. He is also enrolled in the Precision Nutrition Coaching program. He is passionate about all things health and performance, with a special interest in regenerative agriculture and sustainable farming. He enjoys gymnastics, salt, breathing and chewing (lol if you have ever spoken to him you’ll know), and loves to hike, camp and do basically anything outdoors. He gets (very) excited about sunshine and is always interested in learning new things, and then passing that knowledge along! Brady’s favourite part of working at Health Essentials are the people. He loves being able to work with his family and the best co-workers he could ask for.



Kelly joined the HE team in 2014. She was born and raised in Victoria, BC and is an Island Girl through and through. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in BioPsychology from UVic, a Holistic Nutrition Certificate from Alive Academy and a Certificate in Addiction Studies from Vancouver Island University. Her hope is to one day become an Acupuncturist. She is passionate about connecting with fun and adventurous people, and helping people to feel their best. She loves to laugh and chances are she’s eating steak for lunch ;)… and dinner. Her favourite part of working at Health Essentials is the wonderful community of friends/family she has made over the years and the support she has received in her own health and wellness journey, while being able to extend the help to others as well!


Meet Sydney! Sydney was born and raised as a prairie girl in Saskatchewan until 2020 when she spontaneously decided to move out to BC for an adventure – and she never looked back! Sydney fell in love with the health world after healing her mind and body through diet.  She has since developed a deep passion for holistic health, the gut-mind connection, fitness, energetic healing through movement and mindfulness, and reconnecting with the Earth. Since starting at Health Essentials in 2022, Sydney has felt right at home; feeling inspired by the community… and we’re SO grateful to have her loving and bubbly energy at HE.



Laurie joined the HE team in 2020. She was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta but is loving living in BC and excited about exploring the beauty of Vancouver Island. She enjoys morning walks with her dog and loves taking spontaneous road trips in her camper van. Laurie is generally working “behind the scenes” in the office at HE, but she enjoys that every day is different and there is always something different going on. She loves learning new things everyday from all members of the team and is happy to be part of such a special family of passionate individuals!



Charlotte, aka Charlie, joined the HE team in 2020 as she was finishing up her Bachelor of Science in Biology at UVic. Charlie hopes to apply her appreciation for wellness toward the pursuit of a career in holistic counselling & lifestyle consulting. Her dedication to health is grounded in various mindful faith practices and a deep love for all things divinely created as Nature. Charlie especially enjoys coldwater swims and hardcore hikes!



Eimear (pronounced Ee-mur) recently moved to Canada from Ireland, and has multiple years of experience working in health food stores in Galway & Cavan, Ireland.   Her lifelong love for the natural healing power of plants has helped to steer her journey over to the West Coast where she is studying Phytotherapy & Holistic Nutrition at Pacific Rim College.  Eimear is the daughter of a florist, and as such grew up immersed in the garden, making potions with the fairies.  She is an astrologer, witch, creative and dreamer, who follows a plant-based diet.  She enjoys art journalling, yoga, dancing, painting and has a deep love for connecting people to plants.  You can check out Eimear’s work on her business instagram page @eimear.volta



Kendall has been a part of the Health Essentials team since 2021.  She has lived on Vancouver Island most of her life but migrated down to Victoria in 2016.  She completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology in 2021, and plans to pursue further education in Holistic Nutrition.  Kendall’s goal is to be able to help people achieve an optimal quality of life, connect people to local food systems and return to a traditional way of eating.  She is fascinated by the fact that food can be used as medicine to heal the body and prevent disease.  She loves working at Health Essentials because it allows her to connect with others in the community who share a passion for health.  She also loves that she gets to learn new things everyday!