Becoming a Carnivore, by Kelly Hamilton, C.H.N.

Becoming a Carnivore

by Kelly Hamilton, C.H.N.

This is my personal account of how a zero-carb, meat-based, full-on-carnivore diet has changed my life. In less than a month.

I’d like to start off by saying that I am by no means a doctor, therefore I am incapable of diagnosing anyone with anything, nor recommending any sort of diet protocol to help fix anyone that’s dealing with… anything. I am merely a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, who knows a thing or two about quality food, and has done years of experimenting with nutrition. 


To really get things going, I will list the myriad of symptoms that I have been dealing with over the last five or six years or so.  Some intermittent, and some persisting the entire time, or even my entire life.

  • Bloating – like legit “6-month pregnant” style after every meal
  • Intestinal bleeding (that showed up in my stool on and off for a few years)
  • Itchy skin
  • Chronically dry and very itchy, scabby scalp that resembled psoriasis
  • Fatigue/low energy
  • Seasonal allergies (came on around 5 years ago or so, bad enough to make me HATE the spring)
  • Hormonal issues that included: amenorrhea (no menstrual cycle for two years) and then severe dysmenorrhea (extremely painful, VERY long, and awful menstrual periods – safe to say I made up for the lost time)
  • Cystic back acne
  • Weight fluctuations and a particularly hard time losing weight despite efforts
  • Mood imbalance
  • Mild depression/anxiety

Basically, I felt as though I was a train wreck. I tried a host of different approaches to solve many of the problems. I followed a strict ketogenic (high fat low carb) diet, a cyclic ketogenic diet, a simply high fat diet, water fasting, bone broth fasting, taking ALL of the supplements, playing around with different shampoos, cutting out random food groups, a strict elimination diet free of all allergens – each trial with very little success to be perfectly honest. (Although, the high saturated fat, which remained a staple throughout the last 4 years brought my period back initially, so I will give credit here where credit is due.)

And then a coworker told me about a podcast they had listened to with a girl who had cured some far more serious chronic health problems by going full carnivore. It sounded crazy enough, thus, I decided to give it a go.


I concluded that my carnivore diet would now consist of: quality, locally sourced meat, cooked in only butter, and Himalayan pink salt. Oh, also herbal tea, and organic coffee.

The following is a chronology of what took place next. It’s not all nice, but it’s all real. 😐

I had been doing a ketogenic diet prior to this for about two months, with less than 30g of carbs, so I suspected the adjustment would be seamless. Let me tell you, it was not.

Day 1-2:

The first two days, I felt pretty ok other than my still prevalent seasonal allergies.  My bowel movements were weird and less “together” than usual but I was feeling alright.

Day 3:

By the third day, I was dragging my butt. My bowel movements were now (*disclaimer* TMI) straight water and bile, needed the bathroom ASAP, and there were multiple per day. #fun On top of this, my entire body felt as though I had the flu – deeply achy muscles, and my lower back/sacral area hurt so bad I could barely walk. My head was foggy and I felt like concentrating on anything was impossible. I was sweating so bad at night that I had to get up and change a couple times. I started napping a lot, which is very unlike me.

Day 4-6:

These symptoms persisted for a few more days, which sounds like enough to make a person up and quit. However, what also happened by day 4 is that my severe seasonal allergy symptoms mostly cleared up. My back that had been riddled with zits, was clear for the first time in, like, years, my joints felt much more mobile, like they’d been so inflamed for so long I hadn’t known the difference. My mood felt more stable, and I had less anxious thoughts. I also dropped almost 5lbs by day six (likely water retention and inflammation, but still, it felt good). The itchy scalp “psoriasis” had vanished, which might very well be the best part since I’d had that for my whole life.

Day 7-13:

Once the chronic diarrhea cleared up 😐 , which took another couple of days, I had ZERO bloating. I also now had the flattest stomach I can remember having.

Day 14+:

The energy took an additional week or so to come back, but by day 14, I was feeling like a new person entirely.

It has been just shy of thirty days on the carnivore diet, and I am still feeling so much sharper in my thought processes, I have zero bloating, and all of the symptoms that had subsided have stayed away! There have been a total of 3 sporadic days where I fell slightly or completely off the wagon, and I have paid in symptoms the next days, including: itchy scalp, depressed mood, seasonal allergies, and some slight acne.

My hormonal system will probably take some more time to level out, it’s really too soon to know, but I feel hopeful that this might be the key to that, too.


I plan to continue with this “miracle” carnivore diet without cheating for at least two more weeks solid, at which point I will slowly grow my repertoire of foods one item at a time. #startingwithchocolate #justkidding #butimissit

I by no means feel (or know) that this diet could or should be used as a full time, forever protocol. To me it feels like a healing protocol. I will heal whatever gut related issues that I am dealing with by sticking to a meat-based, allergen and all plant-food-free carnivore diet, with the hopes that I’ll repair the potentially leaky gut I have, or whatever else is going on, and eventually be able to eat a “healthy” and balanced again.


For now, I am honestly loving the foods I get to eat, and I feel like I rejoice in the lack of decision fatigue on where and what to eat. I have saved a ton of money on food already, despite what you might think since it’s all meat, and I have basically retired my bad snacking habit.

I really try to vary the types of meat that I consume, but so far my preference is for red meat. Also, I regularly consume cod liver (weirdly enough, I love it now), salmon, sardines, and pork/boar sausages. Among some others here and there.

Coffee blended with 2 tbsp of salted grass-fed butter

– Herbal tea blended with 2 tbsp of salted grass-fed butter
– 2 boar sausages
– 1/2 lb of beef meatballs, doused in butter and salt

– 1 medium sized steak
– 1/2 can of cod liver, 1/2 can of salted salmon mixed together

– another herbal tea or bone broth with 1-2 tbsp of butter

And voila, only about 100-150g of fat, 60-70g of protein, and <1g carbs later.


Again, I am not a doctor, I am simply a short term success story of this awesome diet protocol. If you’d like to read some more amazing testimonies check out  Or, read the story that convinced me, by Mikhaila Peterson, here.

For some legit doctor advice, check out the work of Dr. Shawn Baker, MD. He’s been following the protocol himself for an extended period of time, and he’s acquired some really promising insights. He was on “The Joe Rogan Experience”, which you can check out either on the Podcast app, or online here.

Best Steak Recipe, Ever. 

I named this as spontaneous, because that’s how it usually happens for me. I LOVE steak, but I typically stock up on all my meat once a week and freeze it, planning to save the sirloin steaks for days where I’m really treating myself to help keep myself on a budget. This usually results in me wanting a delicious, juicy steak like, right now – spontaneously. So, I have developed this steak cooking protocol, and now I rarely pre-plan because it’s so much better than any other steak cooking recipe I have ever tried.

Guest Blog: Gut Health with Dr Sara Celik, ND

Gut Health with Dr. Sara Celik, ND

We’ve all experienced digestive discomfort at some point in our lives. Whether it’s gas, bloating, or heartburn, people often look for natural, non-invasive ways to treat symptoms.

Let’s review five steps with easy-to-find supplements that naturally address digestive issues and improve overall gut health:

  1. Re-Establish a Healthy Gut Environment with Probiotics

Daily stress, medications and a diet high in sugar can disrupt a healthy gut environment. To increase ‘friendly’ gut bacteria in the intestines, consider a multi-strain probiotic supplement. For best results, choose a high-potency formula (e.g. 50 billion active bacterial cultures) that has a delivery system such as enteric coating. Probiotic supplements that contain multiple strains are better for overall gut health – look for one that has a variety of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains.

  1. Ensure Food Is Fully Broken Down By Taking Enzymes Before Meals

Enzymes are necessary for optimal digestion and are naturally found in a variety of foods, such as pineapple and papaya. With the average diet being enzyme-deficient – containing too many overcooked vegetables and nutrient-depleted foods – digestion is often compromised.

A lack of digestive enzymes means food is only partially digested. With undigested foods in the intestines, bad bacteria thrive and foods are left to putrefy. This commonly causes gas, bloating and other uncomfortable digestive symptoms. A multi-enzyme formula before meals can enhance nutrient absorption and help ensure protein, carbs, fats, sugars, lactose, and fibre are fully broken down.

  1. Have At Least One Healthy Bowel Movement Per Day By Getting Adequate Fibre

We’ve all heard this before – Canadians are deficient in fibre. Although food sources are ideal – legumes, quinoa, oats, chia seeds, flax seeds, artichokes, apples, avocados and berries – most people are not getting enough fibre through their diet. The average person needs between 30-40 grams of fibre per day along with adequate water. The best way to ensure daily fibre needs are met is by adding a fibre supplement to your morning routine.

To find out how much fibre you are getting per day, use this free ‘Healthy Gut Cheat Sheet’ –

  1. Keep Your Colon Lubricated and Reduce Gut Inflammation with Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Since our waters are highly polluted and contaminated with heavy metals among other things, it is best to limit fish and seafood to three times per week. High quality fish oil supplements with a 5 star IFOSTM (International Fish Oil StandardsTM) rating have passed rigorous testing and help ensure daily essential fatty acids are safely obtained.

Consider a daily fish oil supplement that provides both EPA and DHA. These omega-3 fatty acids work together to reduce gut inflammation, lubricate the colon and support healthier bowel movements.

  1. Deep Clean When Needed with a Gentle Colon Support Formula

Gently cleaning the colon is necessary for optimal gut health. In my clinical practice, I use hydrating ingredients like the mineral magnesium hydroxide. I avoid habit-forming herbs such as Cascara Sagrada or Senna, which can irritate and weaken the colon.

Most Naturopathic Doctors prefer using gentle botanicals such as Cape Aloe Leaf, Chinese Rhubarb Root, Slippery Elm Bark and Triphala for occasional bouts of constipation and healthy elimination.

There’s no need to treat irritating digestive complaints with irritating ingredients. Taking a holistic approach is a better way to fix gut issues and put you on a path to better health.

Happy Healing!

Dr. Sara Celik, ND

Dr. Sara Celik is a Naturopathic Doctor and Homeopathic Master Clinician with over 15 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. With her extensive clinical and educational background, she is a sought-after speaker and health expert that has contributed to various magazines and television programs. Dr. Sara serves as an authority on educating the public about digestive health, detoxification and an integrative approach to optimal wellness.

Activated Charcoal – Detoxify inside & out!


Activated Charcoal:
for full body detox.. inside & out.

What is activated charcoal?

Activated charcoal, otherwise known as activated carbon, is charcoal that has been treated (generally by heat) to increase its adsorption – or binding affinity to toxins! 

How does it work?



Activated charcoal attracts positively charged toxins and molecules, that will bind to its negatively charged exterior.  Through the heating process, the charcoal molecules become extremely porous, increasing their surface area and allowing the particles to bind within their pores.



How YOU can detox from the inside out using activated charcoal!

Let’s start with the inside!


Detox from Inside Using Activated Charcoal

Detoxification of any part of our body starts deep within our internal organs.  Our organs work hard to keep our bodies functioning optimally & thriving! Often, however, it can be hard for our bodies to contend with a build up of toxins such as chemicals, alcoholic substances or unhealthy foods that our modern world tends to be riddled with. Charcoal can assist the body in ridding of these toxins that can build up and stay over time.  Charcoal can be helpful for people dealing with mild food intolerances, a night of indulging on alcohol, or digestive upset such as gas & diarrhea.

It is important to note that since charcoal is so great at bringing toxins with it, it must be of a clean & pure source! It wouldn’t suffice to reach into a barbecue, or a fire-pit and use the charcoal remains.  Although they definitely look similar to the activated and safe varieties, they are full of toxins themselves, and could do much more harm than good if ingested.  It is best to look for the activated charcoal supplements as they usually come in capsule form to ensure easy administration and avoid contamination.


And of course, you can use this awesome toxin-binder externally too!


Pull Toxins from Your Skin Using Activated Charcoal

When used externally, activated charcoal can literally pull out and remove toxins and chemicals that your skin has absorbed. The strong charge that it holds allows it to be an extremely effective way to remove what we don’t want from the largest organ in our body (our skin)!

Our skin is our first line of defence against everything the outside world throws at us.  Using natural ingredient skin care products with no chemicals in them reduces the amount of toxicity that our skin is directly exposed to, but our modern world is full of toxins.  That’s why using a charcoal product to get rid of some of the bad we’ve been holding onto (without even knowing) can be extremely beneficial for our overall health!

There are plenty of ways that we can add charcoal into our everyday skin care routine.  One of the best is to use a natural soap containing activated charcoal.  The soap cleans the skin, while the charcoal pulls all the bad stuff out!


Facial Cleansing Soap – REVIVE by Sunstone

This awesome charcoal soap is made locally, by our favourite aromatherapist, Jennifer, from Sunstone Aromatherapy :)!

Jennifer uses only clean and natural ingredients to create her magical products, so you can rest assured you’ll be detoxifying your face (or body) in the cleanest way possible with this bar of soap!







Body Cleansing Soap – BLACK CREEK SWIRL

Have you ever used a traditional tallow soap? Did you know that tallow soap has been used for centuries? It’s rich in fat soluble vitamins that support healthy skin, and allows bacteria to slip off of the skin easily!

Made locally, in Black Creek, this soap is great for the health of your skin, and has a delicious black liquorice scent :D.  With added charcoal for toxin-pulling, and added antibacterial properties, your whole body will feel clean and detoxed.  This soap is great for sensitive skin, and can be used on the face – and works great as a creamy shaving bar!


Another great way to use activated charcoal externally is in a skin brush!!  Activated charcoal-containing brushes allow you to use whatever soap you’d like, while getting the benefits of activated charcoal toxin removing power! 🙂  The face brush is SO soft (like, unbelievably soft) for use on the sensitive skin on our faces. It leaves your face feeling extremely clean and your skin smooth!  The body brush is a great way to get rid of dead skin, and toxins. 🙂 Be sure that you’re using a natural soap, or just warm water,  in conjunction with these brushes for maximum toxin detox! 🙂









Brush your Teeth with Charcoal!

That’s right, you can use charcoal to brush your teeth!  Charcoal is great at whitening and really great cleansing your mouth and teeth.  If you have capsules at home you can open one of them, and usually there is more than enough powder in one capsule to get a great cleanse.  Do be careful though, it does stain counters and sinks impermanently.  Check out the video below from Katie, “The Wellness Mama”, as she takes you through a step-by-step on how to use activated charcoal to brush your teeth!

Have you used charcoal to detox your body internally or externally? What do you think? 🙂 We’d love to hear from you!!


Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics


Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics

If you’ve wandered into Health Essentials, browsed our webpage, or spoken to any of our teammates regarding a probiotic supplement, chances are you’ve seen or heard of Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics. These unique probiotics were created by a Doctor named Iichiroh Ohhira in Okayama, Japan who put careful thought into the entire process of creating them.  It is clear that Dr. Ohhira’s is one of our top options for probiotics, but maybe you’d like to learn a little more about why.

Let’s start with a few definitions:



  • Probiotics are important for the health of our gut, which is in turn important for the health of our ENTIRE being. The microflora in our gut are largely responsible for our immune responses, the production of B Vitamins, the formation of serotonin (our happy hormone), and of course digesting & absorbing our food… and that is just the tip of the iceberg! Having a healthy gut contributes to so much of our overall wellbeing, and probiotics play a crucial role in keeping our intestinal bacteria happy, balanced & healthy!



  • Often referred to as the food for our intestinal flora, prebiotics help to maintain homeostasis in our gut by promoting the growth & health of the good bacteria.



  • Fermentation is a natural process by which micro-organisms assist in the breakdown of a substance.  It is a slow process, but is highly beneficial in terms of increasing nutrient bioavailability & digestibility of foods!

How these apply to Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic Formula:

Now that we understand what probiotics, prebiotics & fermentation all mean, we can dive into the reasons why Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic Formula is so effective.   Here is what the formula looks like:

  • PROBIOTICS: 12 Strains of LIVE Lactic Acid Bacteria.
  • PREBIOTICS: A proprietary blend of 92 wild and organic fruits, herbs, seaweeds, & vegetable crops.
  • FERMENTATION: All ingredients are fermented in a natural temperature environment for 3-5 years.

The reason that Dr. Ohhira’s stands apart from a lot of other supplements on the market is the fermentation of all of the probiotic and prebiotic ingredients together, creating a synergistic blend that is ALREADY alive and thriving before it even colonizes the gut!  The probiotics promote the growth of healthy micro-flora in the intestines, the prebiotics keep these healthy bacteria alive, and the fermentation process makes the nutrients in the prebiotics more bioavailable to increase the strength of the probiotic supplement.  They are also shelf stable due to the unique processing that allows them to be live inside the capsule!

The Dr. Ohhira Process:



  1. In order to make this awesome formula, Dr. Ohhira started with the basic most pure element –  pure Spring water from Shio Yama spring in Japan.
  2. He then formulated an extremely unique blend of 12 different lactic acid bacteria strains, which all have beneficial & supportive properties for the health of the intestinal microflora!
  3. In order to keep the probiotic bacteria thriving and alive, they needed food! A proprietary blend of over 92 organic and wild fruit, vegetable, herb, seaweed & mushroom crops are used to feed the live bacteria cultures.
  4. The whole works is fermented together for a lengthy 3 to 5 year period to produce a bio-genetically active & thriving ecosystem within the mixture! During the fermentation process, Dr. Ohhira plays classical music in the room, as he believes it enhances the vitality of the bacteria! Which actually makes a lot of sense when you think about it! Music is so important for all living beings, and has such a positive effect on mental wellness, which is something that a healthy micro-flora helps promote!
  5. After the fermentation process is complete, the ENTIRE mixture is encapsulated.  This ensures that the bacteria are still live and viable at the time of ingestion! The encapsulation of Dr. Ohhiras probiotics takes place in a high-tech facility in Japan.  The blend is encapsulated in a special coating that can pass through the stomach virtually unscathed! This means that the bacteria actually get where they need to be to colonize the intestines.

The Supplements:


  • Dr. Ohhira’s formula comes in an Original strength, and a Professional strength that are both made using the probiotic & prebiotic synergistic blend.  The Original Strength is fermented for 3 years, and the Professional Strength is fermented for 5 years.
  • The Professional formula is fantastic for those suffering from a chronic intestinal dysbiosis, or in conjunction with antibiotics use.
  • Dr. Ohhira’s is safe for children, infants, and pregnant or nursing mothers! The capsules can be opened and paste inside can be ingested if swallowing capsules is a problem.
  • 100% shelf stable – no refrigeration required… awesome for travelling!


We hope that this was helpful information for you when choosing a probiotic supplement that works for you, or to better understand why we love this option so much! Please don’t hesitate to ask any further questions you may have regarding Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics.  🙂 Have you tried it? What do you think? We’d love to hear from you! 



Your Grandma was a Genius – Benefits of Bone Broth
with Dr. Christian Brix



We have an amazing seminar coming up on October 22nd with Dr. Christian Brix! He’ll be coming to enlighten us on all of the wonderful benefits of bone broth. Bone broth is a fantastically nourishing superfood that has been part of ancestral diets for centuries. Bone broth is rich in a protein called collagen, which makes up a large portion of our own bodies. Come and learn the history of bone broth and the importance of including it in your diet today!

Dr. Christian Brix is a Chiropractic Doctor who works out of Kelowna B.C. He is also the co-founder of a homemade/premade bone broth company called Boned. Christian’s knowledge of both the human body, health & nourishing foods is astounding, and his charismatic personality makes him so engaging to listen to. We cannot wait to be hosting Christian for this wonderful talk! 🙂

For more information on this talk:

Visit our events page at:
or our Facebook Page at:

Please RSVP to reserve your spot to or by phone at 250-590-5524. 


Stay tuned for more information on our Digestion Series Talks happening right now! 



We are so excited to be hosting enzyme expert, Amy Pereira, BSc, CHNC, who will be teaching us more about how therapeutic and digestive enzymes have the power to catalyze change in our lives. 





We have had the pleasure of hosting Amy in the past, and she is a phenomenally engaging speaker, with SO much knowledge to share.  Expect to leave with a greater understanding of the role that enzymes play in our bodies, and how supplementing with these little change-promoters can benefit your overall health!

This second session in our Digestive Series will give you the tools necessary to combat a lot of the common digestive issues people tend to be dealing with including bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation food intolerances, and/or slow digestion!  Did you know that many people who do not have the obvious digestion symptoms associated with enzyme deficiency, can benefit from taking enzymes? Therapeutic enzymes have the capacity to improve other aspects of wellness not directly related to digestion.  Join us on Wednesday, October 5th @ 6:30pm, either in the store, on LIVE online!

If you’re interested in attending this event at the store, please RSVP to or call us at 250-590-5524 🙂 !

Stay tuned for more about the upcoming events in our Digestion Series! We will be making an effort to ensure we’re able to repost all of our talks on YouTube as well, in case you’re unable to make it or tune in!



Benefits of Traditional Sourdough



That’s right, we said it is a-okay to LOVE sourdough! This delicious carb can be welcomed with open arms, or if you’ve previously cut it out of your life, you can now lovingly reintroduce it. Sound too good to be true? Need some convincing? Here are 5 key reasons to (re)love sourdough!

  1. Easy to Digest

    Sourdough is made using bacteria cultures, yeast and Lactobacillus, and is produced using a fermentation process.  The active cultures and the fermentation of the dough make sourdough easier to digest and its nutrients far more bioavailable!

  2. Naturally Low Gluten Levels

    When sourdough is made traditionally, it is left to ferment and soak for longer periods of time.  During these processes, the bacteria that are active inside the dough, work to break down a protein known as “gluten”, into its amino acid substituents.  Although not technically “gluten-free”, sourdough is generally well tolerated by gluten-sensitive people!

  3. Stays Fresh for Longer

    A substance known as acetic acid is released when sourdough is made, and this substance acts as a natural preservative.  It naturally inhibits the growth of mould, so NO nasty preservatives required!!

  4. It tastes amazing!

    Much unlike a lot of the “conventional” doughs that are consumed today, sourdough has a tangy, very distinct flavour! It is sure to be a favourite in any household.

  5. Supports a Healthy Gut

    Sourdough has pre-biotic properties! As it turns out, the fermentation process and the bacterial cultures in sourdough are beneficial for gut health :)!


Who would have known that something so delicious, could be SO great for you?!

Our Top Sourdough Choices:

Kaslo Pasta is one of our VERY favourite sourdough options. Here is why:


  • Kaslo Sourdough Pasta is made by a family in the Kootenay’s, right in B.C!
  • Kaslo Pasta is a a traditionally fermented pasta, made through generations of wisdom :). Their process ensures all of the gut health benefits are present!
  • The quality of the flour that is used to make Kaslo Pasta is prioritized in each batch – sourcing organically & locally whenever possible.
  • Kaslo uses top of the line Italian technology to cut & form their pasta, which improves the texture of the noodles!
  • Kaslo uses only natural spring water that is collected directly from a spring near their home, and UV treated.  The water that they use is free of chlorine and other chemicals or treatments!

Another great sourdough option is our BRAND NEW bread by Shasha Bread Co! This is why we love it:


  • Shasha Co. is Canada’s leading artisan bakery!
  • They use a combination of traditional ancient techniques and innovative methods to produce top quality organic bread products.
  • Shasha sourced their ingredients organically and as locally as possible!
  • All of Shasha’s breads are free of added sugars, preservatives, and unnatural additives.
  • They use sprouted grains for even higher digestibility!


Health Essentials Digestion Series: Session 1

Microbes on the Mind with Lisa Kilgour, RHN

On September, 21st, 2016 @ 6:30pm, we are hosting the incredible Lisa Kilgour to kick off our four-session digestion series! We couldn’t think of anyone better to be starting this 5 week series off :).  


Did you know that a large portion of our body’s “coping mechanisms” for stress begin in our gut?  Did you know that the neurotransmitters responsible for our mental state are largely produced in our gut? Join us as we host Lisa Kilgour, RHN for an inspiring and informative talk where she will further explain the importance of having a healthy gut, and dietary techniques that can be used to improve our mood and mental wellness! 

Lisa Kilgour is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist from B.C. who has been voted the BEST Holistic Nutritionist in ALL of B.C.  With a strong nutrition background and a passion for discovering how nutrition can affect our mood, Lisa is an expert on the ever-important topic of gut health, and the gut-brain connection. For a sneak preview of what she’ll be covering in this 90 minute talk, and to get a glimpse of how fantastic Lisa is, check out her Ted Talk below! 

If you’d like to attend this talk, please RSVP to or by phone at 250-590-5524! 🙂 If attending this talk in person is not available to you, you can tune in on our Facebook, as we stream it LIVE!


For more information on this talk or any of the talks that we have coming up in this Series, click on the poster below to check out our events page! 🙂


Greens+ Extra Energy – The Staff Scoop.

Extra Energy Powered By

Have you ever tried Genuine Health’s Greens+ Extra Energy? Well we did, and WE LOVED IT!


Greens+ Original formula and History:

Greens+ is a nutrient-rich greens formula that was created by Psychologist, Sam Graci in 1989 to help treat behavioural problems in adolescents.  Sam worked closely with problematic teens and noticed that a profound difference in behaviour occurred upon dietary adjustments.  The original formula was made to be a dietary supplement that would help cover a lot of the bases that are missing in the majority of people’s diets.  It is an amazing source of over 23 phytonutrients sourced from many nutritious vegetables and fruits.  Greens+ has proven again, and again to be a fantastic nourishing super food blend that is alkaline-enhancing, & digestion-improving.


Greens+ Extra Energy:

The same amazing Greens+ Formula, but with an added natural caffeine kick to help boost your energy and increase your mood throughout the day.  Greens+ has been Canada’s favourite green food supplement for over 20 years, bringing improved health, energy, and vitality into our lives. The extra energy version gives a boost of balanced and sustained energy! It contains energizing natural ingredients including taurine and naturally-occurring caffeine from the kola nut.

One serving daily provides:

  • Nutrient-rich Greens+ including an entire range of powerful nutrients from fruits, veggies, superfoods, sea vegetables, and standardized herbs, delivering all of the nutritional goodness these potent foods offer.
  • Long-lasting natural energy with no over-stimulation or energy “crash” side effects.
  • Increased mental clarity and vitality.
  • Sugar-free alternative to energy drinks and coffee.


Kola Nut:
The Kola Nut is what the original “Cola” was made with as it has amazing energy increasing qualities, and it tastes great! Traditionally the kola nut was not consumed in sugar-filled, synthetic sodas that are void of any beneficial properties… but rather it was eaten for its “mind-clearing” benefits.  The kola nut has some amazing focus & energy increasing qualities.  Not only is it a natural stimulant, but it also has been known to increase cerebral blood flow, improving cognition! The kola nut can increase oxygen levels in the blood, further increasing energy throughout your mind & body!

Greens+ Extra Energy comes in two delicious flavours, to suit your preference. One is a delicious, tangy, and very popular Orange flavour.  The other is a fantastic, creamy, & energizing Cappuccino flavour.  They’re both really great, and are sweetened with stevia so they can be enjoyed guilt-free any time of day with no energy crashes! 🙂


We tried this amazing formula for a month and this is what we thought:



“I absolutely LOVE Greens+ Extra Energy! I drink it everyday at work in the afternoon for a refreshing energy boost. It tastes the best out of any greens I’ve had and mixes super smoothly. I love the way it makes me feel!”
– Catherine






“Greens+ Extra Energy (particularly the Cappuccino flavour… YUM) is literally the only reason I can wake up in the morning. I roll out of bed, sleepy-eyed, before saying good morning to anybody, mix up my Extra Energy shake, thoroughly enjoy it…. and then I’m ready to take on the day. I love how happy and energized Extra Energy makes me feel.  It is a must have each morning, and I even sometimes will have a second midday for a pick-me-up. 🙂  I tested my alkalinity after using Greens+ Extra Energy for a month and it truly does help keep my pH slightly alkaline!”
– Kelly



“Greens extra energy is my absolute favourite way to get a burst of energy without a crash.  Essential for keeping up with a two year old 😜! I love a green drink in the afternoon especially if I haven’t eaten enough veggies that day. ”
– Tiffany



“Greens+ Extra Energy is great! I usually drink it as a mid afternoon pick-me-up during the work day. I feel so good when I drink it :)!”
– John

img_9590“I LOVE Greens+ Extra Energy. I tried the cappuccino flavour, I wouldn’t say it’s a true cappuccino flavour but more a cocoa coffee flavour profile (it was delicious!).  It’s the perfect thing to start my day with and was nice to have something that wasn’t fruity in the morning. It was delicious blended in with chocolate protein and almond butter, but I mostly had it solo with water and maca powder.  The thing I enjoyed most about it was the mental alertness it gave me and the extra boost of greens, cause who doesn’t want more greens right 🙂 ! #obsessed ”
– Lynn

Ty's Morning Ritual-
“Greens+ Extra Energy Cappuccino is my favourite thing to drink in the mornings during my sauna session.  It is a quick, easy, and delicious way to get an extra dose of greens in.  Greens+ Extra Energy makes me feel great, and helps me with multitasking during the day.  The natural caffeine, bee pollen, and taurine also provide a long-lasting energy supply with no crash!”


“I have a  Greens+ Extra Energy Orange shake every morning!  The orange flavour is my favourite. It’s definitely the best tasting greens I have ever tried. I love taking it with me on camping and hiking trips because it’s light and easy to pack and I’ll occasionally have it mid-afternoon for some extra energy (no pun intended 😉 ).  I’ve never had anything that wakes my brain up like extra energy does anytime I have it!”
– Brady


Have you tried Greens+ Extra Energy before?  Do you love it as much as we do? What time of day do you find it works best for you 🙂 ?  Let us know! We love receiving feedback on our products!

Stay healthy this September!

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With August coming to a close, and back to school only a few weeks away, it may be time to start considering some cold & flu preventative action!! We all know how quickly germs go around as soon as school starts up but, there are some things you can do now to help make sure that your household stays flu-free this year!

Start taking action before school begins!

A house full of strong immune systems will help keep everyone free of those back to school sicknesses that seem to spread like wild-fires through schools and homes.



Getting our immune systems strong often means ensuring that we have lots of healthy bacteria in our gut to help us fend off the bad germs we come in contact with.  Taking a probiotic supplement can help ensure that the main line of defence in our bodies is ready to protect us.

Our favourite probiotic is Dr. Ohhira’s because they are a whole food, live probiotic made with 12 different bacteria strains, and contain over 82 fermented whole food ingredients that act as pre-biotics to keep the probiotics alive! They’re shelf stable and safe for all ages!

A daily dose of Vitamin D.


Making sure to get enough vitamin D this summer can ensure that your body will be ready for the fall. Getting outside to enjoy some sunshine as much as possible is a great way to soak in Vitamin D. There are also Vitamin D supplements available to help you make sure that you’re getting enough of this important vitamin, even if you can’t get in the sunshine as much as you’d like to!

Our favourite source of vitamin D is the sunshine, but if you can’t seem to get enough of it this summer a really great supplement to consider is Nutristart Quick D Drops! These drops are taken sublingually and are very quickly absorbed into the system! They are quick and easy to take and dose and they’re safe for kids.

Some extra Vitamin C.


Making sure to take a little extra vitamin C to keep the immune system working well is a good idea this time of year! Vitamin C can be obtained through many foods such as citrus fruits, berries, & green leafy vegetables or can be taken as a supplement.

Our favourite for all ages is Mega Foods C Complex. This amazing whole food supplement is sourced from organic oranges! Our bodies recognize and absorb whole food vitamins very easily so this one is very bioavailable. The tablets are a bit on the larger side, but can be crushed up and dissolved into something for kids to take!

Immune boosters.

Alternative medicine

Plant medicine has been used for centuries to help keep our bodies thriving. There are many different herbs and medicinal mushrooms that can strengthen our immune system to keep us safe from whatever is going around.

We have many favourite immune boosters at Health Essentials, but our go-to is generally the Host Defence My Community Extract. Host Defence ingredients are of the highest quality, formulated and grown by Mycologist, Paul Stamets in the U.S. This particular blend is made from 17 different mushrooms, all with unique properties, that help to keep our immune systems healthy.

For the little ones, we love the Suro Kids Organic Elderberry Syrup.  It’s made in Canada with extremely clean ingredients, and is incredibly versatile! With added honey for sweetness, it’s easy to take this amazing superfood syrup… you can steep it as a hot or cold tea, or simply take a teaspoon of it like cough syrup! 

A Healthy Diet.


Although the summer lifestyle can pose many diet challenges… eating a nutritious diet can do wonders for keeping our bodies strong for September. We are what we eat, and the health of our bodies is often determined by the quality of our diet. Nourishing foods like grass-fed meats & dairy, fermented foods and lots veggies are great to add into the diet at all times of the year. Healthy foods are especially important when supporting healthy immune function!

We realize you may still be in summer mode (as you should be – it’s not over yet!!). One of our favourite on-the-go, additions you can include in your diet for some added nutrition are our grassfed meat sticks. Our favourite is the Caveman Stick, which has added 25% organ meats for extra nutrient density!

Improve the Air Quality in your Home.


A great way to ensure that any airborne viral & infection causing germs (which tend to be the most prevalent this time of year) are not floating around your immediate air space is to purify the air! Air purification can be done in a few different ways.

The old school method of boiling water with some vinegar or essential oils in it can be great for disinfecting the air.  This method is fantastic if you’re home and aware of the water level in the pot, lol. This method may not be entirely convenient for the majority of people who aren’t lucky enough to just be relaxing this time of year!

Good news is that there are now many diffusers available, which as their name suggests, diffuse water and essential oils throughout your home. Our favourite diffuser is the Eco Spa Deluxe Diffuser and Ionizer as it has a super classy design, it covers a large space, and it has an auto-shut off so it’s safe to leave on, even while you’re gone! Our favourite essential oil blend to get rid of those nasty germs is Thieves Oil, which is a blend of many different essential oil scents that has been used for centuries to fend off harmful bacteria and viruses in the air.

Back to school season can be stressful enough, with everyone exiting vacation mode and getting back into the swing of things. We hope the above tools helped you get an idea of ways you can keep fighting a cold or flu off the list of things you need to do this September!