January 2020 New Items

January 2020 New Items

We LOVE new items. We are constantly on high alert for new awesome things that we can bring in to try for ourselves and share with our amazing customer community. Here are the newest items that have arrived for the start of 2020!

Progressive MCT Powder


Are you familiar with Medium Chain Trigycerides (MCTs)? These fatty acids are amazing sources of sustainable and long lasting energy.  Most MCT products are comprised of two fatty acid chains known as “Capric Acid – C10” and “Caprylic Acid – C8”. Progressive’s new powder is made with C8Vantage, which happens to have the most beneficial properties and is also the most “ketogenic”! It tends to be better digested and help more specifically with cognition. This odourless and tasteless powder is convenient and versatile. It can be easily used in baking or added to cold or hot beverages of your choice for a little added boost!



Progressive Grass-fed Whey Protein + Collagen + MCT



If protein, collagen and healthy fats are important to you… well then Progressive has launched a product that is perfect for you! This awesome formula combines high quality grass-fed New Zealand whey protein, a quality sourced collagen protein and C8Vantage MCT powder, collectively providing clean sources of muscle building protein, joint support AND clean energy.




This cutting edge product from AOR is really like nothing we have ever seen before! P.E.A. stands for Palmitoylethanolamide (yea… we’re glad they gave it an acronym too), and it is a long chain fatty acid that is naturally produced by the body.  It has been researched for its range of benefits for over eight decades and has recently been discovered to play a crucial role in the Endocannabinoid System (ECS).  You’ve likely heard about the ECS if you’re familiar with marijuana or CBD, but basically its a communication network that helps regulate other systems in the body.  One of the main roles of PEA is to reduce inflammation, and thus it can be really helpful in reducing chronic pain. It also plays a beneficial role in immune function.  AND it seems to be safe for just about everyone!

AOR My Blueprint

Have you ever been curious about how your genetic make-up may be affecting your health? WELL, AOR has just launched this amazing kit that uses cutting edge technology to identify YOUR very own unique genetic variations.  The test will help you learn more about how DIET can affect your risk of common health concerns such as obesity and diabetes, and your predisposition to certain food sensitivities. It can also help you discover your own specific nutrient needs based on your own ability to absorb and use different materials from foods and also which exercise regimens work best for your DNA.  This could unlock some seriously awesome answers for you and help you reach your most optimum health!


KetoSkream – Low Carb Ice Cream

OKAY Keto people…. This might be the most exciting new 2020 product so far!!! Keto Skream is our newest high fat LOW CARB treat! That’s right healthy ice cream.  This delicious treat is made with all natural ingredients and sweetened with stevia extract.  It is available in Chocolate and Vanilla flavours.