Wellness Essential Oil Rollers

All of our Wellness Essential Oil blends from our girl @sunstonearoma have gem rollers on top ūüíéso you can glide her hand crafted combinations on with a dose of crystal energy ( then when it’s empty pop the gem bead out and keep it)

This one is Calm with chamomile, rose and lavender with a rose quartz roller, great for evening wind down or keep it in your purse for anytime you want to breathe deep


NEW Icebreaker Spring 2018

Icebreaker Spring/Summer 2018 Has Arrived!!

Time to say goodbye to the old, and hellloooo to the new… and might we say the AMAZING. We seriously cannot get enough of all of the new Icebreaker pieces we have this season. More of the same premium quality that we all know and love, but with new styles like we have never seen from them before!

Just in case you’ve never heard of merino wool here are just a few reasons why we love it:

  • This natural fibre is extremely soft unlike more traditional wool clothing.
  • Naturally antibacterial and odour resistant!
  • Totally anti-wrinkle – perfect for packing on trips or in gym bags
  • It absorbs up to 40% of its own weight in water (or sweat)
  • It stays warm when its wet!!!
  • Its naturally thermoregulating, so you’ll be warm when its cold, and the same pieces will keep you cool in the heat!!! #magic
  • It dries EXTREMELY fast – perfect for our wet west coast climate in spring time!

If you’ve heard of merino, but never Icebreaker Merino.. here’s a few areas where it stands apart:

  • Icebreaker works directly with small farms in New Zealand to source the best quality merino from the most ethically treated sheep and sustainable farming possible!!
  • No sheep are harmed in the processing of the wool! They actually really love it… Merino don’t naturally shed their wool so its quite a relief once a year to get it sheered!
  • The farms that Icebreaker works with are committed to providing a stress-free environment for the sheep.. the quality of the sheep’s life = the quality of the wool ūüôā
  • The wool that is produced from Icebreaker Merino Sheep specifically is softer than most other commercially available merino
  • Icebreaker core spins a number of their clothes to ensure durability
  • Their socks are all guaranteed for LIFE!!!¬†

Sneak Peak of What’s New This Season:


  • Perfect for all weather conditions!! Brave the west coast wind and rain and look stylish while you’re doin’ it!
  • With patented cool-lite technology, you’ll be kept cool while being protected from the elements.
  • 100% merino wherever it touches your body, for added comfort, breathability, sweat wicking and warmth!




  • Who couldn’t use a little black dress addition to their wardrobe?!
  • This amazingly comfortable and form fitting dress can be dressed up or dressed down in all occasions!
  • With cool-lite technology you’ll be kept cool in the heat which is a huge bonus when wearing black in the sun!!





  • We really can’t get enough of this one!
  • Comfort meets style with this loose fitting and extremely stylish hoodie for men
  • With a large hood and a side zip to help you easily get in and out… this is the perfect cool-weather outer layer






  • With MerinoLOFT‚ĄĘ technology panel and hood for added warmth and protection from the elements
  • Entirely merino wherever it touches your skin!!
  • This stylish and extremely functional half zip is perfect for the spring, and can definitely be worn anytime of year on the west coast



Ketosis, explained.

A Ketogenic Diet

If you’re at all familiar with the world of natural health or weight loss, chances are you’ve come across the words: ketogenic, ketosis, or ketone. ¬†Though you may have heard these words, or perhaps adopted some of the main principles surrounding them, we think it’s important to know what they mean and to fully understand what this method of eating really entails. ¬†ūüėȬ†


  • Ketogenic diet –¬†a diet that tends to promote the metabolic formation of ketone bodies by causing the body to use fat (rather than carbohydrate) as its principal energy source.
  • Ketosis –¬†a metabolic state characterized by raised levels of ketone bodies in the body tissues.
  • Ketone¬†body –¬†any of three related compounds (acetone, acetoacetic acid, beta-hydroxybutyric acid) produced during the metabolism of fats.

Things can sometimes get tricky when it comes to the world of¬†“diets”. ¬†Often, we’re thrown a million and one suggestions as to what we are supposed to be eating daily, or even hourly. ¬†What can help to make it easier, is to really understand what is going on in the body when we consume certain foods. ¬†

Using Fats for Fuel vs Using Carbs for Fuel

Fats and carbohydrates are typically thought of as the two main fuel sources for the body. ¬†Carbohydrates provide very short term and quick supplies of energy, while fats a more long term, and far slower supply. ¬†Carbohydrates are actually the cell’s “preferred” choice of energy… because they are absorbed extremely quickly to produce energy. ¬†Fats are used as energy sources only in an absence of carbohydrates.

When we first wake up in the morning, our bodies are “fasting”. ¬†This means that we haven’t eaten in 8-12 hours and in this state we have begun to use our fat stores for energy. ¬†Thus, our body is burning ketones. ¬†When we eat a “breakfast” meal that is full of carbohydrates, our body quickly comes out of this fasting state and uses glucose (sugar that makes up carbs) as a fuel source. ¬†This is all fine and well if we are expending energy and burning off what we’ve just consumed. ¬†In many cases, however, we’re consuming more energy than we actually need to use immediately, and the glucose is converted to fat and stored in the body.

Ketogenic Diet or Low Carb, High Fat Diets

Ketogenic diets are very high in healthy fats and low in carbohydrates. They are designed to put¬†the body into a ketogenic state, or ketosis. ¬†The ratios of fats to protein to carbohydrates varies a bit for everyone, but the graph above is based on an average carbohydrate tolerance. ¬†Due to the body’s preference to use glucose for fuel, it’s important to keep the carbohydrate intake to a minimum*. ¬†This will help your body stay in ketosis and burn fat for fuel.


How do I know my body is in ketosis?

There are a few common methods of testing to see whether your body has entered ketosis.

  • Keto sticks – you can purchase sticks to test ketone levels in saliva or urine to see if you’re in a ketogenic state
  • Blood ketone test kit
  • Most people will notice a stronger smelling urine
  • The breath starts to smell a bit
  • Generally people will notice some weight loss, especially fat reduction
  • Appetite suppression

Cyclic Ketosis

Some¬†people who eat a strict ketogenic diet will stick to this method of eating everyday with no “cheat” days. ¬†Others will do a carbohydrate re-feed day once a week. ¬†This is sometimes termed as cyclic ketosis¬†because you’re forcing the body into ketosis most days, and then allowing it to leave a state of ketosis for one day.

A hormone in the body known as leptin is produced by our fat cells to regulate our appetite and promote satiety.  When we eat too many carbs, our body can become resistant to leptin and we never feel full. Often people find when they follow a strict low carb diet for too long their leptin levels fall too low and they feel hungry more often.  A carbohydrate re-feed day can reset this balance and ensure that the body stays leptin-sensitive.


*Note: When counting or tracking carbohydrates, be sure that you subtract the fibre from the total, as it will not effect your state of ketosis.

Ketogenic diets are not necessarily suitable for every person or every lifestyle.  Everyone is completely different.

Check out our Keto-Friendly products and food list for low carbs foods you can find at Health Essentials.




Healthy Hair Care Essentials


Healthy Hair Care Essentials

Ask anyone… Having healthy hair is extremely important. ¬†It’s not always easy to come by, however, especially in the day and age we live in. ¬†Good news is, there are some extremely vital things you can do to ensure that your hair¬†stays healthy, no matter what length or type of hair you have!

Avoid Chemicals – Go Natural:


Did you know that the average woman is exposed to over 100 chemicals everyday before she even leaves her home?! Many of the hair care products available on the market today, contain harmful chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens & polyethylene glycol.  These chemicals can cause extreme disruption to the endocrine system, irritate the skin, and are known to have cancer causing properties. These chemicals can also damage and fry your hair. It is a great idea for so many reasons, to avoid them.

The good news is, that there are plenty of clean & chemical-free shampoo and conditioner options available! A few fantastic brands that we love are Phillip Adams, Sukin, Curelle & the Victoria made, Sunstone Aromatherapy.

img_1197 17-_moisture_restoring_shampoo_500ml_1024x1024   energe_shampoo__90223-1405378741-220-290

Brush your Hair Regularly:


Brushing the hair and scalp is beneficial for stimulating blood flow in the scalp, avoiding severe matting of the hair, and getting rid of dead hair and skin! Not all brushes are created equal however, and some may be too harsh or irritating to the scalp, and rip through the hair. ¬†It is important to look for a brush that does not “scrape” at the skin on your head, and doesn’t simply rip its way through tangles.

Some¬†of our newest products, and perhaps the best hair brush options available, are Olivia Garden’s¬†Eco-Friendly Bamboo Brushes. ¬†Made of extremely renewable bamboo, these extremely durable and literally “healthy” hair-brushes are great for your hair AND the environment. What makes them so great?


Balance Your Hormones:


Our endocrine system works hard to balance itself everyday. This important system is responsible for the regulation of a large portion¬†of our bodily functions, including hair growth. The many different hormones (chemical messengers) that act within the system are affected by various¬†aspects of our everyday lifestyle. ¬†Nutrition, stress, exercise, sleep, physical health, and emotional well-being are all factors that can directly effect the endocrine system. ¬†Finding balance within this system can be tricky for some, and it can be beneficial to seek professional help from a Naturopath, especially if you’re experiencing mass hair loss.

There are some key foods and lifestyle techniques that can help to keep the body on track.  Here are some of the major ones that you can do NOW virtually cost & risk free!

  • Ensure adequate dietary needs are met (more details coming up in next section).
  • Get your body moving daily.
  • Reduce stress…. easier said than done, we know. ¬†Check out this post to learn more about how you can do so in your life.
  • Ensure proper sleep – most people require 7-9h of sleep per night! Are you getting this much?
  • Avoid chemicals – as stated above, the chemicals in many products on the market today can seriously disrupt our hormonal system. It’s best to go natural when choosing shampoos and hair care products!
  • Avoid “the pill” or “Hormonal IUD’s” as your method of Birth Control… This one can be tough and it’s best to speak to a health care professional about alternative options!

Ensure Adequate Nutrient Intake:

fresh beef soup ingredients in large pot

Our hair cells are produced INSIDE our body.   Our hair is structurally made up of collagen, keratin and elastin.  To have healthy hair, you must have the ability to produce these three key proteins.  The ability to naturally do so decreases over time, and is greatly affected by the nourishment our body is receiving.

Eating a healthy diet rich in collagen protein, healthy fats and generally high levels of vitamins & minerals¬†can help keep your body’s hair cell production strong. Here are some foods rich in the different nutrients and minerals necessary for healthy hair!

  • Be sure to add healthy fats into your diet – such as avocado, coconut, and butter!
  • Ensuring an adequate intake of healthy Omega-3 Fats
  • Take in collagen!! Bone broth (recipe below) is a fantastic and DELICIOUS source of collagen.
  • Enjoy foods rich in fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E & K, B-Vitamins, Vitamin C and minerals such as iron, magnesium and zinc!

Supplement your Body


Another option is to take a supplement that promotes the production of the 3 key proteins! One of the very best at doing so is BioSil. ¬†This unique supplement stimulates your own body’s ability to produce healthy hair, skin, joints & nails.

BioSil Hair Skin Nails contains a clinically proven formula that is specifically formulated to restore your body’s 3 key beauty proteins (collagen, keratin & elastin) to healthy, youthful levels!



Icebreaker Fall/Winter 2016 End of Line Sale


Icebreaker Merino Wool Fall Winer Line 2016 – ON SALE NOW!

Why Icebreaker? – The Company

Icebreaker Merino Wool is made from only THE BEST Merino wool sourced from New Zealand. The company works directly with the farms to assure the highest quality of life for the sheep, the most sustainable farming practices for the land, and of course, the production of the most premium wool possible.

Why Icebreaker? – The Garments

Merino wool is naturally thermoregulating, making it a miracle fibre that keeps you warm in the cold winter months, and cool in the heat of summer! Merino is also naturally antibacterial, odour resistant and extremely hypoallergenic. ¬†To be honest, we’ve yet to think of a scenario where Icebreaker Merino wouldn’t be the ideal fabric choice!

Why Icebreaker? – Why not?!


It’s a better time than ever to come in and check out our Icebreaker Merino Selection!

Right now, you can save up to 40% off of our Icebreaker 2016 Line, as we clear out the fall/winter styles to make room for the spring/summer 2017 line!  There is still plenty of time to get some use out of the winter styles here on the wet West Coast! So come down and try some on today. Hurry, cause the offer is only valid while supplies last!


Essential Oils Uses & Benefits


Fill your Home with the Scents you LOVE.. and Benefit!

The many uses & benefits of essential oils.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are natural oils typically obtained by distillation and having the characteristic fragrances of the plant or other sources from which they are extracted.

History of Essential Oils.

Essential oils have been dated back to 2500-3000 B.C! They have been used all over the world for literally THOUSANDS of years!! These plant-derived oils have long provided us with many benefits including sensory enhancement (aromatic scents) Рthus beauty care, as well as a lot of medicinal benefits.  Throughout history they have been used both internally and externally, although it is not advised to use essential oils internally unless directed by a healthcare professional.

Essential oils are used today in many different natural wellness fields! The main one by which most people associate essential oil use is Aromatherapy. It is also used in Ayurvedic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine and even in Conventional Medicine in certain parts of the world!

How are they used?

Essential oils can have many positive effects on the mind & body. ¬†They can help us relax when we’re feeling¬†stressed or anxious; they can energize us when we’re feeling sleepy or down; they can help ease headaches, and nausea; they can boost a wintery mood; and they can simply make the room and¬†our bodies smell nice!

On our Bodies –¬†Natural Beauty Care Products


Many essential Oils have an extremely pleasant aromatic scent making them fantastic for use as a natural perfume or fragrance.  Many natural skin care products use essential oils for a fresh, floral, energizing, or calming effect.

In our Homes – Diffused into the Air

Diffusing essential oils into the air can help to disinfect the air, add a pleasant smell into a room, and can enhance a calm or energized state. There are a few ways that essential oils can be diffused into the air.

The traditional method of doing this is heating the oil directly over a flame, or boiling a few drops in water.  These are both effective methods, so long as a good portion of your attention can be directed toward the heating oils as to not start an accidental fire.



Nowadays, diffusing essential oils into the air is much more¬†efficient, and far less¬†dangerous. ¬†Modern day diffusers have sensors that auto-shut off when the water levels get low, and in most cases don’t use much heat at all to produce steam!

This EcoSpa Deluxe Ultrasonic Diffuser has multiple mist options, an auto-shut off and a light on/off button! It also has a very appealing shape and design, so you can feel great about making it a part of any room! ūüôā

Some of our Favourite Essential Oils and their Benefits!

Single Oils:



  • Promotes relaxation – great for bedrooms & nurseries.
  • Can improve mood and reduce stress.
  • Antibacterial properties – often used in natural cleaning
    formulas for both the body & the home!

Mentha piperita


  • Energizing!!
  • Can improve digestion.
  • Enhances mental alertness.
  • Soothes sore muscles.

Clary Sage
Salvia sclarea


  • Supports hormonal balance.
  • Can reduce menstrual pain.
  • Improves¬†ability to cope with stress.
  • Can increase libido.
  • Natural aphrodisiac.
  • Complements male pheromones.
  • Can increase energy.
  • Extremely grounding.


We hope you were able to pick up a few tips about Essential Oils in this post :). For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us!¬†

Activated Charcoal – Detoxify inside & out!


Activated Charcoal:
for full body detox.. inside & out.

What is activated charcoal?

Activated charcoal, otherwise known as activated carbon, is charcoal that has been treated (generally by heat) to increase its adsorption Рor binding affinity to toxins! 

How does it work?



Activated charcoal attracts positively charged toxins and molecules, that will bind to its negatively charged exterior.  Through the heating process, the charcoal molecules become extremely porous, increasing their surface area and allowing the particles to bind within their pores.



How YOU can detox from the inside out using activated charcoal!

Let’s start with the inside!


Detox from Inside Using Activated Charcoal

Detoxification of any part of our body starts deep within our internal organs.  Our organs work hard to keep our bodies functioning optimally & thriving! Often, however, it can be hard for our bodies to contend with a build up of toxins such as chemicals, alcoholic substances or unhealthy foods that our modern world tends to be riddled with. Charcoal can assist the body in ridding of these toxins that can build up and stay over time.  Charcoal can be helpful for people dealing with mild food intolerances, a night of indulging on alcohol, or digestive upset such as gas & diarrhea.

It is important to note that since charcoal is so great at bringing toxins with it, it must be of¬†a clean & pure source! It wouldn’t suffice to reach into a barbecue, or a fire-pit and use the charcoal remains. ¬†Although they definitely look similar to the activated and safe varieties, they are full of toxins themselves, and could do much more harm than good if ingested. ¬†It is best to look¬†for the¬†activated charcoal supplements¬†as they usually come in capsule form to ensure easy administration and avoid contamination.


And of course, you can use this awesome toxin-binder externally too!


Pull Toxins from Your Skin Using Activated Charcoal

When used externally, activated charcoal can literally pull out and remove toxins and chemicals that your skin has absorbed. The strong charge that it holds allows it to be an extremely effective way to remove what we don’t want from the largest organ in our body (our skin)!

Our skin is our first line of defence against everything the outside world throws at us. ¬†Using natural ingredient skin care products with no chemicals in them reduces the amount of toxicity that our skin is directly exposed to, but our modern world is full of toxins. ¬†That’s why using a charcoal product to get rid of some of the bad we’ve been holding onto (without even knowing) can be extremely beneficial for our overall health!

There are plenty of ways that we can add charcoal into our everyday skin care routine.  One of the best is to use a natural soap containing activated charcoal.  The soap cleans the skin, while the charcoal pulls all the bad stuff out!


Facial Cleansing Soap – REVIVE by Sunstone

This awesome charcoal soap is made locally, by our favourite aromatherapist, Jennifer, from Sunstone Aromatherapy :)!

Jennifer uses only¬†clean and natural ingredients to create her magical products, so you can rest assured you’ll be detoxifying your face (or body) in the cleanest way possible with this bar of soap!







Body Cleansing Soap – BLACK CREEK SWIRL

Have you ever used a traditional tallow soap? Did you know that tallow soap has been used for centuries? It’s rich in fat soluble vitamins that support healthy skin, and allows bacteria to slip off of the skin easily!

Made locally, in Black Creek, this soap is great for the health of your skin, and has a delicious black liquorice scent :D.  With added charcoal for toxin-pulling, and added antibacterial properties, your whole body will feel clean and detoxed.  This soap is great for sensitive skin, and can be used on the face Рand works great as a creamy shaving bar!


Another great way to use activated charcoal externally is in a skin brush!! ¬†Activated charcoal-containing brushes allow you to use whatever soap you’d like, while getting the benefits of activated charcoal toxin removing power! ūüôā ¬†The face brush is SO soft (like, unbelievably soft) for use on the sensitive skin on our faces. It leaves your face feeling extremely clean and your skin smooth! ¬†The body brush is a great way to get rid of dead skin, and toxins. ūüôā Be sure that you’re using a natural soap, or just warm water, ¬†in conjunction with these brushes for maximum toxin detox! ūüôā









Brush your Teeth with Charcoal!

That’s right, you can use charcoal to brush your teeth! ¬†Charcoal is great at whitening and really great cleansing your mouth and teeth. ¬†If you have capsules at home you can open one of them, and usually there is more than enough powder in one capsule to get a great cleanse. ¬†Do be careful though, it does stain counters and sinks impermanently. ¬†Check out the video below from Katie, “The Wellness Mama”, as she takes you through a step-by-step on how to use activated charcoal to brush your teeth!

Have you used charcoal to detox your body internally or externally? What do you think? ūüôā We’d love to hear from you!!



Your Grandma was a Genius – Benefits of Bone Broth
with Dr. Christian Brix



We have an amazing seminar coming up on October 22nd with Dr. Christian Brix! He’ll be coming to enlighten us on all of the wonderful benefits of bone broth. Bone broth is a fantastically nourishing superfood that has been part of ancestral diets for centuries. Bone broth is rich in a protein called collagen, which makes up a large portion of our own bodies. Come and learn the history of bone broth and the importance of including it in your diet today!

Dr. Christian Brix is a Chiropractic Doctor who works out of Kelowna B.C. He is also the co-founder of a homemade/premade bone broth company called Boned. Christian’s knowledge of both the human body, health & nourishing foods is astounding, and his charismatic personality makes him so engaging to listen to. We cannot wait to be hosting Christian for this wonderful talk! ūüôā

For more information on this talk:

Visit our events page at:
or our Facebook Page at:

Please RSVP to reserve your spot to hello@myhealthessentials.ca or by phone at 250-590-5524. 


Stay tuned for more information on our Digestion Series Talks happening right now! 


Say NO to Head Lice


Do you, or your children, fear the monthly school lice checks?
Does your child being sent home for having lice occur often in your nightmares?

What if we told you that incorporating tea tree into your child’s hair-care routine, or to your own, could reduce the risk of them contracting the dreaded “head-lice” plague? ¬†Well, it’s true!

History of Tea Tree

Tea Tree, otherwise known as Melaleuca alternifolia, is a plant that has been used for its medicinal properties for¬†centuries. ¬†It is native to Australia and was first introduced to the “western world” by famous Explorer, Captain Cook. ¬†Lieutenant James Cook coined the term “Tea Tree” in the late 1700’s when he observed the¬†natives in rural¬†Australian communities brewing¬†the plant as a tea. The name has since stuck, and the many uses for this amazing plant are a marvel still, today!

Properties of Tea Tree


Tea Tree has natural antifungal, antiviral & antibacterial properties. It has been used for years to clean and sanitize home environments and can be great for disinfecting wounds, or ridding of fungus.  In an essential oil extract form, it also has a very potent smell, making it excellent for pest control, i.e. lice prevention and treatment!

Tea Tree as Lice Prevention & Treatment

If you, your child, or anyone else in your home.. including a pet… is misfortuned enough to contract head lice, Tea Tree Essential Oil is a great tool to have on your first line of combat.

You may consider adding¬†some tea tree oil to shampoo, conditioner, or mixing it with a carrier oil for a scalp rub to de-bug an infected head! Tea tree oil can also be used to PREVENT lice from inhabiting a head of hair (or fur), by incorporating it, when you’re lice-free!

Here is a recipe for a natural hair detangler and lice prevention home remedy!



Let us know of any other natural home-remedies that you use to fend off head-lice, we love hearing new suggestions :). We hope that you have a lice-free home this school year!


Sun Protection Tips.

sun protect blog title

There is still a month left of the summer season, which generally means the sun is here to stay for at least that long on the west coast… YAY! This is the time of year where enjoying the sunshine as much as possible becomes¬†a major priority, because although we’re so lucky to live where we do, we may not see much more sunshine through fall & winter.

One of the most important things that the sun does for our bodies is allow our cells to produce Vitamin D which is vital for many bodily functions. We can get Vitamin D from some foods, and through supplements, but the sun is actually the most efficient method of getting enough! Sun exposure can actually be the safest way to get enough Vitamin D as well. Our bodies have a way of regulating how much sun produced Vitamin D to store so that we don’t end up with too much!

Another fantastic benefit that our bodies reap from sun exposure is a boost of serotonin production. Our bodies synthesize more of¬†this “happy hormone” when we’re exposed to sunlight, which is amazing for increasing energy levels during the day. ¬†What’s more is that our bodies actually convert the¬†mood elevating hormone, serotonin into a sleep enhancing hormone, melatonin when we’re winding down¬†at the end of the day. So getting into the sun as much as possible can help fuel your energy stores in the daytime, and can help you get a restful sleep at night!

Over the years, the sun has earned a pretty bad reputation for skin damage… but, there are things we can do to help ourselves love the sun again, so we can enjoy its many benefits.

Here are some tips for protecting your skin and so you can happily be in the sun again:

  1. Supplement with fish oil.


    Fish oil is fantastic for helping your skin¬†deal with sun exposure! The omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil are helpful for skin cell regeneration and inflammation reduction so your body can produce healthy cells that won’t be easily damaged by the sun. Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant present in salmon¬†oil, salmon roe, & krill oil – it’s what gives these sea creatures their vibrant red colour. This antioxidant is really great for dealing with inflammation as well as¬†protecting the skin¬†from sunburns!

  2. Stack your diet and skin care products with healthy fats!


    Our skin is essentially made of fat, and healthy fats are the building blocks of new¬†skin cells. Ensuring that our body is receiving the “ingredients” that it requires to produce cells that are healthy and are not susceptible to mutations is extremely important. ¬†Both the food that we ingest and the products we apply topically¬†contribute to the health of our skin.

    Foods that are rich in good fats include fish, coconuts, avocado, olives, nuts, butter, grassfed meats, lard, dairy & pastured eggs. Skin care products that are rich in fat soluble vitamins such as vitamin E, D & A are great for supporting our skin as well.

  3. Ensure you’re avoiding bad fats.

    It is imperative to avoid consuming and using bad fats such as vegetable oils when it comes to food and skin care products. Vegetable oils contain harmful omega-6 fatty acids, which can actually contribute to skin cell mutation upon sun exposure. Our skin is made up of the building blocks we provide it, and if we are supplying too much of these harmful fats and not enough of the good ones, we risk the ability to produce healthy cells that can deal with the sun as they should!

  4. If you must use a sunscreen, choose a natural one!


    Many conventional sunscreens are loaded with chemicals that both¬†block the sun out completely, and are harmful for our bodies. Many of the widely available sunscreens have high SPF’s which block all of the sun’s rays resulting in zero vitamin D production, which is extremely detrimental¬†to our overall health. Often, these products are also¬†full of chemicals that are absorbed through our skin and can interfere with bodily systems such as the endocrine system, throwing our hormones out of wack!

    Avoiding the use of sunscreen is the only way to actually allow your body to produce vitamin D, but in times of excess sun exposure, natural sunscreens can be a great alternative to conventional options. Those that use non-nano titanium dioxide or zinc dioxide deflect the sun’s rays off of the skin without the risk of your body absorbing anything harmful, and they contain great¬†ingredients that support the health of the skin.


    We are huge advocates of sun exposure… it just feels so good.¬†Do you have any natural tools or products you use to help¬†your body deal with the sunshine? Let us know, we LOVE learning about new products!