Feb 26, 2020

Our Plaza Changes


You may have noticed that our plaza has started to undergo some changes… We just wanted to let everyone know what’s going on in the coming future.

First of all (and we think most importantly 😉 ), we will get to stay right where we are and will remain open during the eminent changes. 

So what are those changes going to look like:

  • Il Greco restaurant is moving into the space where Gorgeous Coffee was previously. It will be a smaller take-out style cafe restaurant with fewer tables.
  • The other side of the plaza – the current Il Greco, Fijian Sun Tanning Salon, and the MP office – will be torn down and developed.
  • Fijian Sun will be relocating – new location TBA
  • Again, we will be staying! 🙂

We hope that this answers your most pressing questions! We appreciate our community’s continued support and are thrilled to be able to stay in this awesome neighborhood!