Canada Day

Join us for a HUGE day of celebration on Sunday, July 1st!

Celebrate with Health Essentials for Canada day 2018!

canada day 2018

Check out our hours for the long weekend. We have reduced hours on the Sunday AND the Monday,
so be sure to stock up for your long weekend festivities while we’re open!

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Our Meat Selection

Our Meat Selection

We have a wide selection of meat at Health Essentials.
We do our best to source all of our meat as locally as possible from the most natural sources available. At Health Essentials in Victoria, we carry a wide selection of meat in our store. We have everything from Locally Sourced Organic & Grass-fed meats, wild-Sourced Kangaroo.  We are what we eat eats. So, if we ensure that the animals we consume have the diet they were naturally meant to, we will ensure the health of the meat that we get from them.  All of the local farms that we work with commit to sustainable, humane and top of the line practices – and we’ve talked to them all personally about it! 🙂

selection of meat Victoria selection of meat Victoria 2

How Health Essentials Moves at Work

How We’ve Created a Dynamic Workplace


At Health Essentials, we believe that there are many aspects that comprise the premise of living well as a human.  We believe in the importance of “Cultivating Extraordinary Lives” in a very holistic way. An important part of what it means for us to cultivate an extraordinary life is to consciously move in a way that allows our bodies to express our human animaly-ness*. 😉 Afterall, we’re not couch potatoes and we’re not quite monkeys… what we are, however are HUMANS.  So we need to act as such.  Here are 5 of the things WE DO that help us increase natural movement in our work environment!

* Animalyness – a (made up) word that describes one’s state of being as an animal. 😉 

  1. Walk to (and from) work!!


    Walking is a really great way to start off and end a work day.  It’s a built in system to add a potential hour or two of moving to your day!

    Tips to add more walking into your work days:
    – Start with a small accomplishable goal of one day a week or every second day.
    – If you live way too far for your general walking tolerance… park your car somewhere along your route to cut the walk down a little!
    – Wear comfortable attire and pack your business clothes so you don’t have to worry about sweating up a storm in the clothes you’ll be wearing all day.
    – Walk outside on work phone calls! After all, it’s not like our phones are connected by a cord anymore!
    – Walk on your break! If you have an extra 15-20 minutes after you’re done eating, or before you eat, get outside and move a bit before returning to work!


  2. Stand up at work!

    If you’ve peeked behind the desk at Health Essentials, you may have noticed that we don’t have any chairs on which to sit throughout our work day.  We instead have 2 “stand-up” style computer set ups! At first this took some getting used to for some of us, but now… we just don’t sit. And since we don’t have the option, we don’t miss it! We don’t even want to sit!!

    Tips to convert your work space into a non-sitting one:
    – Get a stand up desk or a VariDesk (like we did!)
    – Build a stand up desk out of boxes or the perfect height furniture (works slightly better for at home-offices 😉 ).
    – Kneel on a cushion or mat. It’s not quite standing, but it’s also not sitting in a 90 degree hip & 90 degree knee flexion position all day.
    Note: you can also begin by easing your way into the transition with a “stand up desk” or “kneeling mat” you can easily adjust or remove to sit part of the day.

  3. Dress to move properly!

    A lot of the changes that we have made to create a functional work space that we can move optimally in go hand-in-hand or are subsequent of one another.  Now that we don’t sit at work, we move a lot more and we stand all of the time. Now that we move a lot more and stand all of the time, we feel the necessity to wear functional clothing and shoes that allow for ease of movement, more often!
    P.S. Not to mislead you… we didn’t send all of our more restricting wardrobe items out the door… of course there are the odd days where looking amazing > moving functionally… but, we’re far more conscious now because we have to be! 

    Tips to choose apparel & footwear that lets you move:
    – Pick clothes that let you move in a natural way, and allow your body to breathe! One of our very favourite apparel lines is Icebreaker Merino Wool.  Natural wool fibres are extremely breathable, and their styles allow for functional movements!
    – Wear shoes that have a wide toe box and a zero heel drop to optimize your whole body alignment! These styles also help prevent your feet from getting sore if you’re standing or walking all day!

    – At Health Essentials, we carry 3 amazing styles of barefoot shoes. They are Vibram Fivefingers, Vivo Barefoot & Luna Sandals.  If you work in a strict dress-code workplace, Vivo Barefoot makes dressier styles that look amazing!  

  4. Spend breaks on yoga mats.

    Since we don’t sit during the day, it’s nice to get off of our feet for a little bit during our lunch breaks. But, since we’re all pretty aware of the fact that sitting in chairs is not so fabulous for our bodies… we like to opt for yoga mat breaks. This doesn’t necessarily mean we hang out in downward dog or work on our headstands the entire time, but it does mean that we’re moving a lot more throughout our break… try sitting on a hard surface in the exact same way for a whole 30 minutes!  Sitting on harder surfaces, your body is reminded to adjust positions more frequently!  Remember what the best posture is… the one that is constantly moving, yes fidgeting is good for you!

    (Tip for ladies: sometimes a great idea to pack a pair of shorts or pants you can put on under a dress or skirt 😉 )

  5. Equip your office with a chin-up bar!  


    Recently, we brought a chin up bar to work – you know, those doorway fitting ones.  Hanging isn’t just for kids!! We should all have the strength, mobility & endurance to hang from a bar.  Unfortunately, we tend to lose that skill soon after elementary school in most cases.  It’s time to bring it back!! Hanging is a great way to build up arm strength and stretch out the whole body.

    It’s important to relearn the proper alignment for hanging before you get started, though! Check out the video below from Biomechanist Katy Bowman, on the right way to hang.

We hope that this information was helpful for you when it comes to adding movement into your work day! There are of course many other ways that might work better for you in your workspace, but these are just a few to get the ball rolling! 🙂  Do you have any tips and tricks that you use in your work place to add more movement into your days?? Let us know, we would LOVE to learn of more ways we can increase our movement everyday!

Best Walks in Victoria

The Best Walks in Victoria, B.C.

We are so blessed to live in such an absolutely amazing part of the world.
There are SO many beautiful areas to explore right here in #yyj! We have
come up with a list of our very favourite places to walk in Victoria, B.C.

  1. Thetis Lake Regional Park Trail


    Thetis Lake Regional Park is a fabulous spot to go for a walk, swim, or run! There are two walking trail options, one “Lower Thetis” which is a shorter loop and the other “Upper Thetis” which is just about 5km around.  The path is nice and clear, and the walk is kid-friendly, with only a few short uphill climbs! Thetis is also very dog friendly, and there are even some off-leash beach areas that are time and season dependent.  Thetis makes for a fabulous walk all times of the year, and is especially nice in the summer, with the accessible option of dipping in the lake afterwards! 🙂

  2. The Gorge Waterway 

    The gorge is an extremely accessible walk for us at Health Essentials! It’s a beautiful 2km walk (one way) with the option of extending to approximately 3km with the addition of Kinsman Park across the water.  The walk is completely paved (but with the option of toes in grass most of the way, if you’re into that), and accessible for all ages and fitness levels!

  3. Island View Beach

    Though not necessarily a walking trail, Island View Beach is an amazing ocean-side walk, with a fabulous view and a vast choice of terrain.  We do find this walk is done better barefoot 😉 with toes in sand, or in a great pair of shoes for jumping log-to-log on the driftwood strip that borders the beach! The beach is also pet-friendly, with the exception of the summer-months from June 15th – September 15th.

  4. Dallas Road

    Dallas Road is a beautiful road with a fabulous walking trail that runs alongside the ocean.  The walk goes from Ogden Point, where the Breakwater is, and goes all the way along until your heart desires, right through to Beach Drive. The distance from Ogden Point to Clover Point is about a 3km walk one-way with an option of many different terrains along the way! There is a paved/gravel path that runs alongside the road, and there is a beach, that is at-times quite rocky that runs along the ocean.  The Beach along this walk doubles as a great swimming pit-stop, and the perfect destination for a Beach-Day come-summer… or winter, if you’re like Wim Hof ;).


  5. Elk & Beaver Lake Trail

    Elk & Beaver Lake Trail is a fairly well-known trail in Victoria.  It’s a 10km loop around both lakes, and it’s fairly flat the whole way!  Perhaps most commonly used for a perfect length 10km run for race prep or fitness, this trail is great for a long walk and is very dog friendly! The loop is long and borders the lakes for most of the distance, and you’ll notice it cuts through a vast array of differing greenery along the way. The thick tree cover also makes this a great option for a rainy-day walk as well! 🙂




Favourite Easter Treats

The Easter Bunny is on it’s way, and we wanted to share with you some of our go-to Easter Hunt Essentials. We have compiled a list of sweet and savoury treats that anybunny can appreciate!

  • Heavenly Organics Honey Patties


These sustainable, organic and ethically produced treats are full of delicious raw honey.  You can’t go wrong with the creamy dark chocolate coating and the sweet raw honey filling. #whatsnottolove They come in Mint, Almond Butter, Peanut Butter and Double Dark Chocolate varieties, all of which are DELICIOUS and made with 4 or less ingredients! We think that this is the ultimate sweet treat for all ages, and they’re also individually wrapped, making them easy for the Easter Bunny to hide!


  • Denman Island Chocolate Bunnies

Denman Island Chocolate Bunnies are definitely a crowd favourite when it comes to Easter time!! They come in the size pictured, as well as baby bunny size and are all individually wrapped :).  These sweet and creamy chocolatey treats are made with fine Organic cacao, and are a rich 63% dark chocolate.  They’re also made locally on Denman Island, B.C!




  • Terra Nossa Pasture Raised Eggs


If Easter Chocolates are just not all they’re cracked up to be for you…. You could always go for the old-school, extremely fun for the whole family, nutritious AND sugarless option – REAL eggs.  We carry a variety of different sizes of local, pasture-raised eggs from Terra Nossa Farm.  🙂 These babies can be decorated however you wish, and hidden for anybunny to have a blast finding as well!! #twicethefun




5 Reasons Why We Love MegaFoods

5 Reasons Why We Love MegaFoods

  1. They source their ingredients from REAL food. For example… their Vitamin C is sourced DIRECTLY from oranges…. like… straight from them!!  The same goes for most of their vitamins and minerals. Hence, Farm to Tablet! 🙂
  2. They support local farmers with whom they have formed close friendships.
  3. They use a one-of-a-kind Slo Food Process to ensure all of the nutrients are fully processed & available to the body… Each batch takes over 236 hours!!!
  4. They believe in total transparency and have links to Live Webcams within their facility so you can actually see where your supplements are being made.
  5. They produce allergen-free, non-gmo, organic wherever possible, top quality, sustainable, AND highly absorbed vitamins to help us feel amazing! #yup #theyrekillinit #thatswhy

Find Your Tribe

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

Find Your Tribe.

Think about the 5 people who you spend the most time with right now.
Chances are, whether you like it or not, you have a lot in common with these 5 people.

Building a Tribe: Three Key Steps

First, let’s start with a definition:

tribe – a social division in a society consisting of families or
communities linked by social ties with a common culture.
(…give or take paraphrased version applied to modern day)

1) Do some serious self-reflection.

It may be necessary to evaluate yourself and where you stand in the current friend-group you have, and think about whether these people are serving you in a positive way.  Of course having an eclectic friend group is totally acceptable, and is very much encouraged. But, if you love to hike, and be in nature, and all of your friends only like to Netflix and chill…. it may be time to switch, or expand your tribe to include some outdoor lovers!

2) Get yourself out there into the right group.

It is important to build a tribe based on interests. If you love hiking, join a hiking group! If you love running, join a running group! If you love painting, or pottery, or art, join a class or group, they are offered all over Victoria.  This part is kind of the hardest, but don’t be discouraged… It’s important to realize that everyone is human, and chances are, there are people looking to meet others and make new connections in any given group out there! 🙂

3) Keep in Touch!

If you already have a really great group of family or friends to do all of the things you love with, that is awesome! Reach out, and plan some activities :). If you’re just building your tribe, all the more reason to reach out. Make some plans, build relationships and connections!

Have a great Family Day!!!

New Years Resolution Tips

New Years Resolution Tips

New Years Resolutions are a fantastic way to start the New Year on the right foot, with some positive focus! The problem a lot of people run into when it comes to resolutions, is sticking to them any longer than 30-90 days of the year.

Here are our 3 key tips to making a resolution that you can stick to this year!

  1. Set a realistic resolution or goal.

    goal_settingMany people struggle with their New Years Resolutions, because they just go too big, too early and burn out fast.  For instance, we all know how different the Gym looks in January versus March… This is often because people are dreaming so much larger than their current lifestyle allows for!  Not to say that setting major goals isn’t important, but if you’re someone who hasn’t been to the gym once in all of 2016, and your goal is go to EVERY day for all of 2017… Chances are you’re going to have a hard adjustment and may burn yourself out entirely.

    Setting a goal that makes sense can be tough. We all want to be the best at what we’re doing, but being realistic about the fact that you’re probably going to have a lot of the same commitments in 2017 as you did in 2016, is important to realize. One great way to make a resolution you can stick to is to pick something you can start slowly.  If your resolution is to “Get Fit in 2017”, and you NEVER go to the gym right now, start out with a commitment to go to the gym 1-2 days a week.

  2. Write it down in a place that will remind you consistently.

    notepadWe are big fans of keeping our resolutions and goals written in a place that will keep us consistently reminded.  For some, a note on each month of the calendar is enough, for others, consider setting weekly reminders in your e-calendar, or setting the text to the background on your phone. Anywhere that will keep that resolution top of mind is great for keeping it up until it becomes a habit you no longer need to remind yourself about!


  3. Find a method of keeping yourself accountable.

    imagesAccountability is major when it comes to keeping up with whatever you set your mind to – year long resolution, 10 day diet, whatever your goal may be.  Often, we think because we’ve only promised ourselves this goal, it does not matter if we quit or take a break from it.  I mean, we’re only accountable to ourselves, and future me won’t care that present me took a nap instead of going to the gym, right?

    Consider telling a close friend or family member that you know would either help you stay committed, or that you wouldn’t want to let down ;).


    In one of his more recent Podcast Episodes, Tim Ferriss mentions a fantastic resource for helping stay on track with a goal.  It’s normal to feel like you need a bit of a nudge to keep you accountable!
    Tim mentions a really great website that can help you hold yourself accountable: . Stickk is designed as a resource to help you stay on track and motivate you to “stick” to your self-set goals.  How does it work?  Stickk lets you set your own goal with your own parameters. You then decide the measures that it will take to help you keep that goal in sight – be it set a wager, “hire” a referee that verifies your progress, or simply set daily reminders.  Next, you can share your goal with your friends and family to have moral support throughout the process! 🙂

What to Expect at the Victoria Health Show 2017


What to Expect at the Victoria Health Show

The Victoria Health Show is a great place to learn more about the things that you LOVE.  It’s also a great place to learn of new things you never knew existed! If you’ve been before, you surely understand the excitement, and if you’ve never been, here are some amazing reasons to make it to this year’s!

  • Tons of Samples to Try!

    Most every booth at the Health Show has free samples of products to give you a chance to try anything you haven’t had a chance to yet.



  • Goodies & Prizes

    There are tons of Goodies to taste and try at the show, and Health Essentials will have draws for MANY gift baskets!



  • Icebreaker Try on an Win

    try-on-win If you have ever tried on any Icebreaker Merino Wool, you’ll know why we rave about the stuff ;). Chances are you do too… BUT, if you haven’t, even more reason to come check out our booth and try some on! Try on a piece of Icebreaker and be entered to WIN one of your own :).


  • Huge Savings on Your Favourite Products!



    We will have tons of Show Special sales on all of the TOP brands available at our Health Essentials booth!



  • Educational Speakers

    The Health Show always has a great stage set up where they bring in tons of Nationally known Health Experts to talk about products and ways to maintain health in your life! We have a few of the amazing speakers scheduled to be at our booth for 1-on-1 consultations and a chance to talk to the experts themselves.

    Dr. Frank Silva, ND will be speaking at 11:40am-12:30pm, and will be at our booth directly after! Don’t miss the opportunity to ask him any questions you have in a 1-on-1 setting!



  • 2 for 1 Coupon

    Print this coupon to be used at the door so you and a friend can save on the admission at the door!


Fight Inflammation

“Fight Inflammation” Free Seminar with Charity Parkinson

Inflammation is associated with a wide range of health conditions from joint pain and arthritis to heart disease and psoriasis. In fact it is known as the silent killer because it has been linked to almost every single chronic disease in North America today.

We had the pleasure of hosting the amazing Charity Parkinson, ClH for a super informative talk on fighting inflammation.  In this talk, Charity goes into the causes of inflammation, the signs to look for, and different methods and techniques you can implement to assist your body in living pain-free!

About Charity Parkinson:



Charity Parkinson is a Clinical Herbalist and a Holistic Nutrition Coach.  She is very passionate about natural medicine and has been studying in the field for over 15 years, with experience in health food retail, sales, herbal education and clinical consultations. Her belief in achieving and maintaining whole body wellness, comes through finding and supporting one’s unique balance between the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of self.

Check out the video below and be sure to contact us if you have any questions about anything covered. 🙂 We are happy to help!