Favourite Easter Treats

The Easter Bunny is on it’s way, and we wanted to share with you some of our go-to Easter Hunt Essentials. We have compiled a list of sweet and savoury treats that anybunny can appreciate!

  • Heavenly Organics Honey Patties


These sustainable, organic and ethically produced treats are full of delicious raw honey.  You can’t go wrong with the creamy dark chocolate coating and the sweet raw honey filling. #whatsnottolove They come in Mint, Almond Butter, Peanut Butter and Double Dark Chocolate varieties, all of which are DELICIOUS and made with 4 or less ingredients! We think that this is the ultimate sweet treat for all ages, and they’re also individually wrapped, making them easy for the Easter Bunny to hide!


  • Denman Island Chocolate Bunnies

Denman Island Chocolate Bunnies are definitely a crowd favourite when it comes to Easter time!! They come in the size pictured, as well as baby bunny size and are all individually wrapped :).  These sweet and creamy chocolatey treats are made with fine Organic cacao, and are a rich 63% dark chocolate.  They’re also made locally on Denman Island, B.C!




  • Terra Nossa Pasture Raised Eggs


If Easter Chocolates are just not all they’re cracked up to be for you…. You could always go for the old-school, extremely fun for the whole family, nutritious AND sugarless option – REAL eggs.  We carry a variety of different sizes of local, pasture-raised eggs from Terra Nossa Farm.  🙂 These babies can be decorated however you wish, and hidden for anybunny to have a blast finding as well!! #twicethefun




5 Reasons Why We Love MegaFoods

5 Reasons Why We Love MegaFoods

  1. They source their ingredients from REAL food. For example… their Vitamin C is sourced DIRECTLY from oranges…. like… straight from them!!  The same goes for most of their vitamins and minerals. Hence, Farm to Tablet! 🙂
  2. They support local farmers with whom they have formed close friendships.
  3. They use a one-of-a-kind Slo Food Process to ensure all of the nutrients are fully processed & available to the body… Each batch takes over 236 hours!!!
  4. They believe in total transparency and have links to Live Webcams within their facility so you can actually see where your supplements are being made.
  5. They produce allergen-free, non-gmo, organic wherever possible, top quality, sustainable, AND highly absorbed vitamins to help us feel amazing! #yup #theyrekillinit #thatswhy

Find Your Tribe

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

Find Your Tribe.

Think about the 5 people who you spend the most time with right now.
Chances are, whether you like it or not, you have a lot in common with these 5 people.

Building a Tribe: Three Key Steps

First, let’s start with a definition:

tribe – a social division in a society consisting of families or
communities linked by social ties with a common culture.
(…give or take paraphrased version applied to modern day)

1) Do some serious self-reflection.

It may be necessary to evaluate yourself and where you stand in the current friend-group you have, and think about whether these people are serving you in a positive way.  Of course having an eclectic friend group is totally acceptable, and is very much encouraged. But, if you love to hike, and be in nature, and all of your friends only like to Netflix and chill…. it may be time to switch, or expand your tribe to include some outdoor lovers!

2) Get yourself out there into the right group.

It is important to build a tribe based on interests. If you love hiking, join a hiking group! If you love running, join a running group! If you love painting, or pottery, or art, join a class or group, they are offered all over Victoria.  This part is kind of the hardest, but don’t be discouraged… It’s important to realize that everyone is human, and chances are, there are people looking to meet others and make new connections in any given group out there! 🙂

3) Keep in Touch!

If you already have a really great group of family or friends to do all of the things you love with, that is awesome! Reach out, and plan some activities :). If you’re just building your tribe, all the more reason to reach out. Make some plans, build relationships and connections!

Have a great Family Day!!!

New Years Resolution Tips

New Years Resolution Tips

New Years Resolutions are a fantastic way to start the New Year on the right foot, with some positive focus! The problem a lot of people run into when it comes to resolutions, is sticking to them any longer than 30-90 days of the year.

Here are our 3 key tips to making a resolution that you can stick to this year!

  1. Set a realistic resolution or goal.

    goal_settingMany people struggle with their New Years Resolutions, because they just go too big, too early and burn out fast.  For instance, we all know how different the Gym looks in January versus March… This is often because people are dreaming so much larger than their current lifestyle allows for!  Not to say that setting major goals isn’t important, but if you’re someone who hasn’t been to the gym once in all of 2016, and your goal is go to EVERY day for all of 2017… Chances are you’re going to have a hard adjustment and may burn yourself out entirely.

    Setting a goal that makes sense can be tough. We all want to be the best at what we’re doing, but being realistic about the fact that you’re probably going to have a lot of the same commitments in 2017 as you did in 2016, is important to realize. One great way to make a resolution you can stick to is to pick something you can start slowly.  If your resolution is to “Get Fit in 2017”, and you NEVER go to the gym right now, start out with a commitment to go to the gym 1-2 days a week.

  2. Write it down in a place that will remind you consistently.

    notepadWe are big fans of keeping our resolutions and goals written in a place that will keep us consistently reminded.  For some, a note on each month of the calendar is enough, for others, consider setting weekly reminders in your e-calendar, or setting the text to the background on your phone. Anywhere that will keep that resolution top of mind is great for keeping it up until it becomes a habit you no longer need to remind yourself about!


  3. Find a method of keeping yourself accountable.

    imagesAccountability is major when it comes to keeping up with whatever you set your mind to – year long resolution, 10 day diet, whatever your goal may be.  Often, we think because we’ve only promised ourselves this goal, it does not matter if we quit or take a break from it.  I mean, we’re only accountable to ourselves, and future me won’t care that present me took a nap instead of going to the gym, right?

    Consider telling a close friend or family member that you know would either help you stay committed, or that you wouldn’t want to let down ;).



    In one of his more recent Podcast Episodes, Tim Ferriss mentions a fantastic resource for helping stay on track with a goal.  It’s normal to feel like you need a bit of a nudge to keep you accountable!
    Tim mentions a really great website that can help you hold yourself accountable: stickk.com . Stickk is designed as a resource to help you stay on track and motivate you to “stick” to your self-set goals.  How does it work?  Stickk lets you set your own goal with your own parameters. You then decide the measures that it will take to help you keep that goal in sight – be it set a wager, “hire” a referee that verifies your progress, or simply set daily reminders.  Next, you can share your goal with your friends and family to have moral support throughout the process! 🙂

What to Expect at the Victoria Health Show 2017


What to Expect at the Victoria Health Show

The Victoria Health Show is a great place to learn more about the things that you LOVE.  It’s also a great place to learn of new things you never knew existed! If you’ve been before, you surely understand the excitement, and if you’ve never been, here are some amazing reasons to make it to this year’s!

  • Tons of Samples to Try!

    Most every booth at the Health Show has free samples of products to give you a chance to try anything you haven’t had a chance to yet.



  • Goodies & Prizes

    There are tons of Goodies to taste and try at the show, and Health Essentials will have draws for MANY gift baskets!



  • Icebreaker Try on an Win

    try-on-win If you have ever tried on any Icebreaker Merino Wool, you’ll know why we rave about the stuff ;). Chances are you do too… BUT, if you haven’t, even more reason to come check out our booth and try some on! Try on a piece of Icebreaker and be entered to WIN one of your own :).


  • Huge Savings on Your Favourite Products!



    We will have tons of Show Special sales on all of the TOP brands available at our Health Essentials booth!



  • Educational Speakers

    The Health Show always has a great stage set up where they bring in tons of Nationally known Health Experts to talk about products and ways to maintain health in your life! We have a few of the amazing speakers scheduled to be at our booth for 1-on-1 consultations and a chance to talk to the experts themselves.

    Dr. Frank Silva, ND will be speaking at 11:40am-12:30pm, and will be at our booth directly after! Don’t miss the opportunity to ask him any questions you have in a 1-on-1 setting!



  • 2 for 1 Coupon

    Print this coupon to be used at the door so you and a friend can save on the admission at the door!


Fight Inflammation

“Fight Inflammation” Free Seminar with Charity Parkinson

Inflammation is associated with a wide range of health conditions from joint pain and arthritis to heart disease and psoriasis. In fact it is known as the silent killer because it has been linked to almost every single chronic disease in North America today.

We had the pleasure of hosting the amazing Charity Parkinson, ClH for a super informative talk on fighting inflammation.  In this talk, Charity goes into the causes of inflammation, the signs to look for, and different methods and techniques you can implement to assist your body in living pain-free!

About Charity Parkinson:



Charity Parkinson is a Clinical Herbalist and a Holistic Nutrition Coach.  She is very passionate about natural medicine and has been studying in the field for over 15 years, with experience in health food retail, sales, herbal education and clinical consultations. Her belief in achieving and maintaining whole body wellness, comes through finding and supporting one’s unique balance between the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of self.

Check out the video below and be sure to contact us if you have any questions about anything covered. 🙂 We are happy to help!


Harmonic Arts Powered By


Harmonic Arts

Harmonic Arts is a botanical dispensary from the Comox Valley area, right here on the Island! It is co-founded by Clinical Herbalists, Yarrow Willard & Angela Willard.  They are committed to high-quality & sustainable plant-based products that can promote health and vitality for people of all ages. The entire line of Harmonic Arts products is sourced as locally and organically as possible and offers a wide range of products including medicinal mushrooms, loose teas, loose herbs, herbal powders, wild raw honey & more!

Harmonic Arts Superfood Upgrades

Harmonic Arts does a variety of Superfood Upgrade Powders, each with unique flavours & health-boosting benefits. The three blends that we were able to try were: Activate, Elevate & Engage.  Here is a little bit more about each blend!



  • Chocolate Bliss
  • Deep Immune
  • Stress Balance
  • Core Nourishment

Ingredients: Raw Cacao, Lucuma, Mesquite, Maca, Mucuna Extract, Chaga Dual Extract, Reishi Dual Extract, Shilajit, True Cinnamon



  • Creamy Cardamom
  • Uplifting Mood
  • Mind Nourishing
  • Energy Building

Ingredients: Tocotrienols, Lucuma, Mucuna Extract, Green Tea Pollen, Pine Pollen, Lion’s Mane, Coconut Water Crystals, Cardamom



  • Nutrient Dense
  • Pre/Post Workout
  • Power Boosting
  • No Sweetener

Ingredients: Ingredients: Sprouted Brown Rice Protein Powder, Rice Bran (Tocotrienols), Coconut Water Crystals, Maca Powder, Incan Spirulina, Goji Juice Powder, Cordyceps Dual Extract Powder, Pine Pollen Powder, Pumpkin Spice, Ginger Root Powder, Stevia Leaf Powder.


We were Powered by Harmonic Arts for one month…. & this is how it went for us!


“I tried Harmonic Art’s Elevate powder. I blended it with my bulletproof coffee (coffee, butter, and xct oil) and loved it! It gave my coffee a delicious creamy taste with a hint of cardamom. Elevate made me feel more awake, energized, and more aware than just having my regular coffee. I love that it has the medicinal mushroom Lion’s Mane in it too. It is the perfect addition to my morning!” – Catherine

“I tried the Harmonic Arts Elevate, I am new this product and it definitely did not disappoint. I mixed it in with my morning smoothies before school and It gave me a more centred and focused energy feeling that was perfect while studying! The cardamom flavour paired perfectly with a banana and almond butter smoothie. I have already bought more it is such a great product :)!” – Sarah
“I loved trying out Activate in my morning tea. It has a rich, chocolatey taste, and it felt so good knowing it’s full of nourishing ingredients compared to the usual chocolate drinks! It was great having that extra boost of energy and stress-relief in the morning.I tried it a few different ways, but my favourite was blending a couple tablespoons in my morning rooibos tea. I added a little bit of honey for sweetness and it was a perfect blend. I felt like I was drinking hot chocolate but was also nourishing my body and mind for the day!” – Allannah
“I tried “Engage” which is great for a little protein and energy boost. I made it with pumpkin purée, coconut cream, sunflower lecithin and added a dash of matcha ( I also may have put a dollop of unsweetened whip cream on there). I loved the pumpkin pie spice in it that gave it some warmth and the feeling of getting cordyceps, pine pollen and maca mid day to keep me going without stimulants.” – Tiffany

I tried Harmonic Arts Activate powder. It’s the first time I’ve ever tried it, and I LOVED it. Since it has a chocolatey flavour, I made it into a delicious & buttery 😉 hot chocolate with stevia. It also tasted really great mixed in with yogurt! I found that the Powder gave me a really calm & focused energy, which makes sense due to the Reishi & Maca, and I didn’t feel guilty after having it like I would sometimes with sugary hot chocolate powders :). I will definitely continue having Activate as my go-to hot chocolate (and even coffee) alternative! – Kelly


We are so excited to be hosting enzyme expert, Amy Pereira, BSc, CHNC, who will be teaching us more about how therapeutic and digestive enzymes have the power to catalyze change in our lives. 





We have had the pleasure of hosting Amy in the past, and she is a phenomenally engaging speaker, with SO much knowledge to share.  Expect to leave with a greater understanding of the role that enzymes play in our bodies, and how supplementing with these little change-promoters can benefit your overall health!

This second session in our Digestive Series will give you the tools necessary to combat a lot of the common digestive issues people tend to be dealing with including bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation food intolerances, and/or slow digestion!  Did you know that many people who do not have the obvious digestion symptoms associated with enzyme deficiency, can benefit from taking enzymes? Therapeutic enzymes have the capacity to improve other aspects of wellness not directly related to digestion.  Join us on Wednesday, October 5th @ 6:30pm, either in the store, on LIVE online!

If you’re interested in attending this event at the store, please RSVP to hello@myhealthessentials.ca or call us at 250-590-5524 🙂 !

Stay tuned for more about the upcoming events in our Digestion Series! We will be making an effort to ensure we’re able to repost all of our talks on YouTube as well, in case you’re unable to make it or tune in!



Our Hours are Changing


Beginning on Sunday, September 25th, our hours of operation will be changing for both Saturdays, and Sundays. We will be open a bit longer on Saturdays, and closed a little earlier on Sundays!

We’d like to explain why we’ve chosen to change our hours slightly. At Health Essentials, we are strong believers in holistic wellness. This includes physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, social, & occupational aspects of overall wellbeing. Part of the concept of holistic health involves prioritizing time for oneself as well as spending time with family & friends.  We contemplated long and hard on what day of the week would be best for our team of amazing staff members to be able to consistently enjoy an evening off, while avoiding major inconvenience to our community of thriving customers.  What we decided was that being open slightly later on Saturday evenings, and closing earlier on Sunday evenings, would be a perfect compromise.  Now you can plan on pushing back your Saturday errands a little longer, resting assured that we’ll be open the same hours as we are throughout the week!

Here is what our new hours will look like: 


We are sorry for any inconvenience that this schedule change may cause for you. Thank you so much for understanding!