Jan 11, 2017

New Years Resolution Tips


New Years Resolution Tips

New Years Resolutions are a fantastic way to start the New Year on the right foot, with some positive focus! The problem a lot of people run into when it comes to resolutions, is sticking to them any longer than 30-90 days of the year.

Here are our 3 key tips to making a resolution that you can stick to this year!

  1. Set a realistic resolution or goal.

    goal_settingMany people struggle with their New Years Resolutions, because they just go too big, too early and burn out fast.  For instance, we all know how different the Gym looks in January versus March… This is often because people are dreaming so much larger than their current lifestyle allows for!  Not to say that setting major goals isn’t important, but if you’re someone who hasn’t been to the gym once in all of 2016, and your goal is go to EVERY day for all of 2017… Chances are you’re going to have a hard adjustment and may burn yourself out entirely.

    Setting a goal that makes sense can be tough. We all want to be the best at what we’re doing, but being realistic about the fact that you’re probably going to have a lot of the same commitments in 2017 as you did in 2016, is important to realize. One great way to make a resolution you can stick to is to pick something you can start slowly.  If your resolution is to “Get Fit in 2017”, and you NEVER go to the gym right now, start out with a commitment to go to the gym 1-2 days a week.


  2. Write it down in a place that will remind you consistently.

    notepadWe are big fans of keeping our resolutions and goals written in a place that will keep us consistently reminded.  For some, a note on each month of the calendar is enough, for others, consider setting weekly reminders in your e-calendar, or setting the text to the background on your phone. Anywhere that will keep that resolution top of mind is great for keeping it up until it becomes a habit you no longer need to remind yourself about!




  3. Find a method of keeping yourself accountable.

    imagesAccountability is major when it comes to keeping up with whatever you set your mind to – year long resolution, 10 day diet, whatever your goal may be.  Often, we think because we’ve only promised ourselves this goal, it does not matter if we quit or take a break from it.  I mean, we’re only accountable to ourselves, and future me won’t care that present me took a nap instead of going to the gym, right?

    Consider telling a close friend or family member that you know would either help you stay committed, or that you wouldn’t want to let down ;).



    In one of his more recent Podcast Episodes, Tim Ferriss mentions a fantastic resource for helping stay on track with a goal.  It’s normal to feel like you need a bit of a nudge to keep you accountable!
    Tim mentions a really great website that can help you hold yourself accountable: stickk.com . Stickk is designed as a resource to help you stay on track and motivate you to “stick” to your self-set goals.  How does it work?  Stickk lets you set your own goal with your own parameters. You then decide the measures that it will take to help you keep that goal in sight – be it set a wager, “hire” a referee that verifies your progress, or simply set daily reminders.  Next, you can share your goal with your friends and family to have moral support throughout the process! 🙂