Aug 16, 2016

9 Best Beaches in Victoria BC


Looking to hit up all 9 of the best beaches in Victoria this summer?

We’ve put together a list of the 9 best beaches in Victoria, from a local’s perspective. Here are our top picks:

1. Agate Beach:

Location: Cordova Bay

Beach Terrain: Soft sand with big logs

Agate beach is a charming beach located in a sunny bay. Perfect for relaxing and recharging as it is very quiet!

2. Esquimalt Lagoon:

Location: Colwood

Beach Terrain: Soft sand with lots of logs and driftwood.

The Esquimalt Lagoon is a Victoria classic. Situated between two bodies of water, this windy beach stretches for miles, perfect for a long walk or to sit and eat while enjoying the view.

3. Gonzales Beach:

Location: Oak Bay

Beach Terrain: Very soft sand and driftwood

Gonzales beach is perfect to relax at, lay a blanket down and enjoy a picnic.

4. Gyro Beach:

Location: Cadboro Bay

Beach Terrain: Extremely soft sand and logs

Gyro Beach is perfect for the whole family. The beach itself is great to relax on, and there is a huge park backing it that is every child’s dream! It includes massive iconic sea animal sculptures that kids love to climb on, swings, a boat-themed jungle gym, and even a new zip line!

5. Dallas Beach:

Location: James Bay/Downtown

Beach Terrain: Rocks and logs

Dallas Beach runs along the beautiful Dallas Rd very close to downtown. This rocky beach has lots to explore, including fun staircases and the famous Ogden Point breakwater at one end.

6. Saxe Point:

Saxe Pointe Best Beaches in Victoria

Location: Esquimalt

Terrain: Big boulders, walking path, rocky beach.

Saxe Point is a very versatile spot! It includes a field, big rocks to explore and climb on, a walking path, a lookout, gardens, and a rocky beach. It boasts a great view of the Olympic mountains, making it a popular wedding spot. Great for picnics, sports, adventuring, exploring, walking, and sunset watching.

7. Island View Beach:

Island View Best Beaches in Victoria

Location: Central Saanich

Terrain: Very soft sand and rocks

Island View Beach is another Victoria classic. Paired with a dog-friendly walking path, it’s great to relax at and/or to take a long stroll.

8. Willows Beach:

Willows Beach Best Beaches in Victoria

Location: Uplands/ Oak Bay

Terrain: Soft Sand and logs

Willows Beach is located in a charming neighbourhood filled with lots of character. Take a walk around Cattle Point and take advantage of the great park beside the beach too.

9. Taylor Beach:

taylorbeach Best Beaches in Victoria

Location: Metchosin

Terrain: Medium to large rocks

Taylor Beach is a quiet rocky beach just after Whitty’s Lagoon. Walk the beach and then explore the beautiful hiking trail beside it.

Do you have any suggestions for more great places near home?? Let us know, we would love to hear about them!

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