Sep 16, 2016

Say NO to Head Lice


Do you, or your children, fear the monthly school lice checks?
Does your child being sent home for having lice occur often in your nightmares?

What if we told you that incorporating tea tree into your child’s hair-care routine, or to your own, could reduce the risk of them contracting the dreaded “head-lice” plague?  Well, it’s true!

History of Tea Tree

Tea Tree, otherwise known as Melaleuca alternifolia, is a plant that has been used for its medicinal properties for centuries.  It is native to Australia and was first introduced to the “western world” by famous Explorer, Captain Cook.  Lieutenant James Cook coined the term “Tea Tree” in the late 1700’s when he observed the natives in rural Australian communities brewing the plant as a tea. The name has since stuck, and the many uses for this amazing plant are a marvel still, today!


Properties of Tea Tree

Tea Tree has natural antifungal, antiviral & antibacterial properties. It has been used for years to clean and sanitize home environments and can be great for disinfecting wounds, or ridding of fungus.  In an essential oil extract form, it also has a very potent smell, making it excellent for pest control, i.e. lice prevention and treatment!

Tea Tree as Lice Prevention & Treatment

If you, your child, or anyone else in your home.. including a pet… is misfortuned enough to contract head lice, Tea Tree Essential Oil is a great tool to have on your first line of combat.

You may consider adding some tea tree oil to shampoo, conditioner, or mixing it with a carrier oil for a scalp rub to de-bug an infected head! Tea tree oil can also be used to PREVENT lice from inhabiting a head of hair (or fur), by incorporating it, when you’re lice-free!

Here is a recipe for a natural hair detangler and lice prevention home remedy!

Let us know of any other natural home-remedies that you use to fend off head-lice, we love hearing new suggestions :). We hope that you have a lice-free home this school year!