Jan 2, 2017

New Year, New You… Winter Detox Tips



New Year, New You

Healthy Winter Detox Tips

Detoxing in January can be a really great way to mentally and physically let go of the old and make way for the new.  January symbolizes a new beginning for many people, and post-holiday season, your body may be really craving a fresh start! Here our our healthy winter detox tips to help you get the fresh beginning you may be in need of this year.


The Importance of Seasonal-Specific Detoxing


There is a rhythmic flow by which our bodies naturally tend toward throughout each different season.  The way that the seasons naturally affect our bodies, is similar to the way that the seasons act on nature.  The traditional diets at each time of year change in conformity with our body’s needs at that time.

In spring we are reattaining energy. In summer we are “alive” and full of energy. In fall our bodies are slowing down and our energy levels are naturally decreasing.  In winter our bodies tend to be at the lower end of the energy spectrum.

Most conventional detox plans don’t account for this natural ebb and flow.  Most of them are designed for spring & summer, when we have naturally higher energy levels.  When we choose a conventional detox plan that goes against what our body requires at the particular time of year, we may not end up feeling so great afterwards, and we may not be servicing our selves the way we’re intending to.

What does this look like for January?

favorite-winter-foods-120413-05In the winter months, our body requires a lots of energy from food, in part due to the lack of sunlight that it is receiving.  This is a time where we traditionally would be eating heavier, more nourishing & nutrient dense meals. Most find that it’s best to stear away from the raw spring-time vegetables and raw juices recommended in a host of different detox plans.  Instead it can often work better to cook and consume the seasonal vegetables that winter has to offer.

Great news! You can consume a winter specific diet, while using the tips below to make your own detox plan that suits your body’s needs this time of year! Below is a list of our January full-body detox essentials.




Did you know that consuming liver is fantastic for the health of YOUR liver?! It’s also fantastic for so many other parts of the body due to its rich nutrient content.  Liver has been consumed, traditionally for centuries. It is regarded as one of the most nourishing parts of an animal, and is a delicacy in many parts of the world today.

It is great to consume liver any time of year, but since January directly follows the Holiday Season, eating liver more regularly this month can be a great way to ensure that this very important filtering organ is functioning optimally to help you sufficiently detox your body! (Many of us are in need of a bit of liver R&R right now!!)

Having problems wrapping your head around consuming liver? We have some options available to make it easier!  Island Bison makes delicious Water Buffalo Caveman Sticks that have well hidden organ meats in them to help you trick your tastebuds! 🙂 They’re delicious!
Also, if you’d rather prepare it yourself, here is a super simple recipe to make a delicious pate that makes it easy, and will have you wanting more … we promise! 🙂



Activated Charcoal.


Activated bamboo charcoal is  a fantastic addition to any detox program, any time of year.  Charcoal acts as a magnet to pull toxins and impurities from the body.  It can be used internally OR externally.

It is available in capsules to be taken internally, and can be taken daily during a detox program! It is also available in some of our body care products to be used externally to detox the skin.

To learn more about activated charcoal and its amazing benefits, click HERE.


Gentle Cleanse Kit.

 restorativecleansekit_r-700x657A cleanse kit is something that can help you stay accountable and really track your time and results when doing a full-body cleanse.

Botanica’s Restorative Cleanse Kit is a fantastic option for this time of the year.  It includes 4 unique herbal compounds that work to support and detox the digestive system, lymphatic system, the liver and the skin.  It is a 2 week program designed to work in conjunction with a healthy diet that has no outrageous restrictions! It is easy to follow, and stick to for 14 days! 🙂


Infrared Sauna.


When we sweat we rid of a lot of toxins that our body is holding onto! Our skin naturally works to fend off the major contaminants and toxins that it encounters on a daily basis. But, in our world of chemicals and pollutants, it just cant do it all. It could definitely use some support now and again.

A very relaxing way to detox the largest organ of the body is to sit in a warm infrared sauna for an hour.  During the winter, our bodies can tend to run cold, and if you’re not finding a way to sweat regularly, you may not be ridding of the toxins fast enough to avoid them building up in the skin!

If you live in our area, there is a fantastic salon next door with a beautiful and spacious infrared sauna! Click HERE for information on their sauna services.


Putting it All Together & Staying Committed.


Whether its the cleanse kit that’s laid out for you for 2 weeks, or you’ve planned to eat liver at least 2 days a week this month, make sure you plan to succeed! 🙂 One of the easiest ways to stick to a detox plan is to set a manageable time-frame in which you carry out the desired detox methods. In our experience, it is nice to do this for no longer than 14 days.  Anything past that can be unsustainable and unrealistic to stick to! It can also be helpful to write out your plan and tell someone that you know will hold you accountable.  Setting reminders in your calendar or on your phone can help as well!

For more tips on how to stay devoted to that fresh start and great this January, feel free to contact us at hello@myhealthessentials.ca! 🙂