Charcoal Whole-Body Detox Pack

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Activated Charcoal has been used for centuries as a method of pulling toxins from the body both externally and internally.  Sometimes the cause of imperfections on the skin are chemicals or toxins from our environment, small enough that we can’t see them! Our environment is riddled with substances that can be problematic for our most external organ.  It’s important to support the health of your skin, by detoxifying regularly.

With this pack, you can do just that! This detox kit is designed for a whole-body internal & external detox.  Exfoliate, cleanse & detoxify your largest organ and first line of defense agains the world (the skin) using the charcoal brush and charcoal infused tallow soap.  It also includes a supplement you can take internally to support detoxification!

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  1.  Bamboo Charcoal Bath/Skin Brush 
    – This fine-fibre brush is exceptionally soft to the touch, and its long wooden handle helps you get the hard to reach areas too! So your whole body can benefit from its cleansing & detoxifying benfits! 🙂
  2.  Black Creek Swirl Bison Tallow Soap
    – Making soap from fat is a natural and traditional method of making a great cleanser that nourishes the skin and lets bad bacteria & viruses slip away.  This soap is made locally, in Black Creek, B.C, smells AMAZING, and is infused with charcoal for added detoxifying action!
  3. Activated Charcoal – 90caps
    – Healthy skin often starts from inside our bodies! Activated charcoal capsules can help to pull toxins that affect all of our bodily systems, including the skin.  Supporting our body’s natural detoxifying organs that often have an excess of built up bad, is beneficial for so many aspects of our physical well-being!


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