Jul 8, 2016

Meat: How Your Choices Affect Your Health and the Planet


Are you ready to make the switch to ethically and responsibly raised healthy meat?

You’ve probably seen the factory farming documentaries, the PETA campaigns, and the mass farming videos that are all over the Internet lately. The truth is that factory farming is a huge issue in today’s world, and we need to make a change.

In factory farm settings the animals are usually ripped away from their mothers at birth, kept in tiny cages or areas with little to no time outside, pumped full of antibiotics and sometimes growth hormones, and then slaughtered inhumanly in a very stressful and terrifying environment. Doesn’t sound like a very nice life to me.

These animals are sick, stressed, deprived, terrified, and living in the most unnatural environment possible. Have you heard the term you are what you eat? What do you think eating sick and unhealthy animals will make you eventually?

Factory farming is devastating for the animals and our health, but what about the environment?

Approximately 700 million cattle are slaughtered in Canada for food each year. Just to name a couple ecological issues, factory farming accounts for 37% of methane emissions, which has more than 20x the global warming potential of CO2. The cattle’s manure also contains dangerous levels of heavy metals and nitrogen. Nitrogen robs water of oxygen, destroying aquatic life when it eventually ends up in bodies of water. These plus many more environmental concerns are growing by the minute.

Animals need to be free of enclosed spaces and outside as much as possible in order to thrive. Having animals graze and roam is great ecologically as well as it promotes new agricultural and environmental growth. Grass eating animals actually increase soil quality by breaking it up and helping it absorb water. They also fertilize the land as they graze, helping prevent desertification and creating a dynamic ecosystem.

We are so lucky here on the Island and most places in BC to have access to amazing ethically raised meat. We carry a huge selection including grass fed/finished pastured bison, water buffalo, and beef all raised here on Vancouver Island. The farmers practice varying techniques of managed intensive grazing, where they rotate their animals’ grazing spots, keeping the animals happy while increasing the health and growth of the soil and environment. We also have local pastured heritage pork, which is a less domesticated bread that can live and thrive on pasture. We have organic pastured free range chicken, and wild meats as well including wild boar, kangaroo, and camel.

What to look for when buying meat:
Beef and Grazing Animals: 100% Grass fed/finished, pastured, organic (Including dairy too).
Pork: Pastured (living on the land), organic.
Chicken and Eggs: Free range, pastured, organic.

The more you buy ethically raised meat, the more you support traditional farming to help diminish mass farming. We can make a difference!