January 2020 New Items

January 2020 New Items We LOVE new items. We are constantly on high alert for new awesome things that we can bring in to try for ourselves and share with our amazing customer community. Here are the newest items that have arrived for the start of 2020! Progressive MCT Powder   Are you familiar with […]

All of our Bulletproof products are on sale!

All Bulletproof products are on sale! What are your most loved @bulletproof products? Some of our faves 〰Vanilla Shortbread Bites 〰Collagen protein that can be mixed in hot or cold liquid 〰Upgraded Coffee and of course 〰Brain Octane providing instant ketones in coffee and drizzled on food ☕   🙌🏻 Shop our Bulletproof sale in […]

Healthy Hair Care Essentials

Healthy Hair Care Essentials Ask anyone… Having healthy hair is extremely important.  It’s not always easy to come by, however, especially in the day and age we live in.  Good news is, there are some extremely vital things you can do to ensure that your hair stays healthy, no matter what length or type of hair […]

Back to School Lunch Ideas!

Back to school can be tough!  But, lunch packing doesn’t have to be! 🙂  You can pack something nutritious that your family will love in just minutes with these healthy lunch ideas! Snack: A perfect, satiating snack for school lunches is trail mix.  Trail mix is SO versatile, especially when it’s homemade! You can add whatever […]

How to make Electrolyte Hydrator Gummies!

Electrolyte Hydrator Gummies Recipe Instructions Electrolyte Hydrator gel-o gummies are a PERFECT treat for anyone, anytime of day. … even kids LOVE them. They are an easy way to add collagen into your own diet, or the diet of your potentially picky young ones!  Rich in collagen, these treats are great for your hair, skin, joints & nails. They’re […]

Countdown to Christmas: 2 Days, Bulletproof Bars

$3.99 2 more days!! Need some more great stocking stuffers!? Our Bulletproof bars are a great healthy gift! Especially for those Bulletproof lovers you know. Why we love them: – They are sugar free, sweetened with stevia, and are made with the cleanest ingredients! – They contain 11 grams of protein and are gluten-free. – […]

Recipe: Bone Broth

Making Homemade Bone Broth Have you experienced the pure excellence of bone broth yet?! If not, you’ve GOT to give it a try! Bone broth is catching on fast these days because of it’s amazing nutritional and healing properties. It is also super super easy and cheap to make!! Here are some reasons why bone […]

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