Dec 11, 2015

Countdown to Christmas: 14 Days, Incredibraces


14 days until Christmas! Only 2 weeks!

On the countdown today are our Incredibraces. Do you have someone in your life that has a sore wrist, knee, back, ect from time to time?

Incrediwear patented braces can significantly enhance comfort and decrease pain by increasing blood flow and delivering oxygen! The braces allow for great mobility and amazing support. Unlike other products that only support, Incrediwear braces have a patented organic germanium bamboo charcoal blend that is ideal for anyone experiencing discomfort, inflammation, and swelling related to circulatory issues.

The braces are great for post recovery too and reducing fatigue and pain in over worked muscles and joints. They would be a great gift for the active, inactive, sports enthusiasts, or those just seeking the best comfort available in a medically designed brace!

They are in our flyer this month too! 20% off the whole line!