Aug 6, 2015

Windhorse Grass-Fed Beef is Back!


Do you know where your meat comes from?

They say you are what you eat, does your meat come from sick factory farmed animals, or healthy happy locally farmed ones? We have our summer stock of beef from Windhorse Farm in!

Windhorse Farm is a certified organic and SPCA certified beef farm located in the Cowichan Valley. They treat their cows in the most humanly way possible, feeding them a diet of what cows are naturally meant to eat.. grass! Grass fed and finished, these cows also live full happy long lives and live almost twice as long as most conventionally farmed cattle these days.

Windhorse Farm also cares about the health of the whole farm and the environment by taking soil biology into consideration and practicing managed intensive grazing. This unique grazing technique not only creates an optimal environment for the cattle, it also enhances the health of the soil. They rotate the cows on different patches of grass, mimicking nature and traditional wild herds of grazing animals that roamed the grasslands since the beginning of time. They are constantly eating and trampling new areas, leaving behind healthy manure and increasing growth.


Here are some pictures from when we visited the farm last year!


wind2 wind3 wind4 wind5 wind6