Jul 7, 2016

Summer Essentials


Whether you are going on all the adventures or just relaxing and enjoying yourself, we have all of your summer essentials!

Luna Sandals – These hand-crafted barefoot adventure sandals are made with the designs of traditional sandals from all over the world in mind. They are made out of natural sustainable materials that are easy to make by hand with simple tools. They are great for hiking, walking, trail running, marathoning and just about any other adventure you can imagine. They are also just awesome to wear everyday!

Harvest Meat Sticks – These sticks make a great protein-filled snack on the go! Choose either grass-fed beef with cherries and sweet potato, pork and apple, or bacon pineapple apricot.

Healing Bliss Sunscreen – Do you know what’s in your sunscreen? This local one is free of harmful chemicals and the base is an organic body lotion, so it moisturizes your skin too! It absorbs quickly, is non-whitening, and comes in either 30 spf or 45 spf.

Feeding Change Coconut Water – Did you know coconut water is extremely close to our blood plasma? That makes it an ideal electrolyte replenisher! Feeding Change makes a unique high quality coconut water that is fresh-frozen, organic, and raw from young Thai coconuts.

Icebreaker Merino Wool – No other clothing is more perfect for summer! Icebreaker merino is the best of the best. This high-quality merino is lightweight, breathable, thermoregulating, and anti-odor! It is sun safe to keep you protected from too much sun naturally, and also fire safe – perfect around a campfire!

Miron Glass Water Bottle – Miron glass is a unique glass that blocks the harmful, damaging light while letting light in that contains life-giving properties such as violet light, infra-red, and UVA. It increases the storage life, taste, and potency of the substance inside.

Saint-Justin Mineral Water – Need a little sparkle in your water? Saint-Justin is a mineral water that comes from a naturally carbonated spring in Quebec! It is bottled right on site and has an amazing refreshing taste and digestive properties! Try regular or lemon.