Jan 13, 2016

On Ad: Squatty Potty

Natural Movement

Our squatty potty is on sale this month!

Are you having issues with..uh..elimination? Or do you just want a healthier colon? Don’t we all!
Did you know that sitting on the toilet actually makes a kink in your colon, blocking the flow of waste? The Squatty Potty fixes that!

Why we love it:
– It elevates your feet to help you get in the optimal position to completely eliminate.
– It takes us back go traditional times. Humans are designed to squat, our ancestors didn’t have the modern invention of the toilet!
– It is made of 100% natural, renewable bamboo.
– It has an ergonomic design that fits under any toilet.
– It is adjustable and works for all body types, ages, and flexibilities.

On sale this month for $99.99