Aug 5, 2016

NEW – Upgraded DARK ROAST Coffees


Come and try our newest additions to the Bulletproof Coffee Line up
Wednesday, August 10th from 11am-1:30pm

Wes from the Bulletproof team will be demoing the Original Bulletproof Coffee, blended “Bulletproof”-style, with Grassfed butter & Bulletproof Upgraded Oils. We will also have samples of the two *NEW* dark roasts – “French Kick” & “The Mentalist” to try!

If you’ve ever been into Health Essentials, visited our website, or spoken to any of our staff…

you’ll know that we LOVE new things, we LOVE coffee, and most importantly we LOVE Bulletproof.

The excitement is real when it comes to our coffee consumption, especially when it’s new upgraded,
low micro-toxin coffee. Oh, how we have awaited this… it’s finally here!

We are ecstatic to now be carrying the newest additions to the Bulletproof coffee selection at Health Essentials.

A medium-dark – “The Mentalist” & a full-dark – “French Kick” Bulletproof Coffee option! YUM!

Just like the Original Bulletproof Coffee, these upgraded beans are of the highest quality,
sourced from beans that are grown in a high elevation climate, hand picked at the perfect ripeness,
& tested for the lowest level of micro-toxins!

As far as benefits goes, dark roast beans actually tend to be naturally lower in micro toxins than medium roasts,
as well as lower in acidity levels…So, like your taste-buds, your mind & body can feel GREAT about these choices.

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The Mentalist – A Medium-Dark Roast
the mentalist whole bean

French Kick – A Full-Dark Roast
french kick whole bean

– Medium-Dark
– Dark cocoa and vanilla top notes
open to a full-bodied coffee with
cherry sweetness and finishing
notes of almond and caramel.

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– Full-Dark

– Smooth and sweet dark roast with
smoky baking chocolate notes,
medium body, and a clean finish.

We hope that this was useful for helping you decide which coffee is best for you… decisions are hard! Rest assured though, whichever option – new or old, medium or dark – that you choose you’ll be upgrading your mental and physical performance effectively, and without risk of harmful toxins!