Aug 20, 2015

New Rumble Flavour!!


Have you tried this amazing super shake yet?!

Rumble is PERFECT for busy people on the go! You may have seen this delicious drink on Dragon’s Den and the incredible story behind it. The founder, Paul (a local from Victoria!), was determined to get the most out of life while battling a genetic lung disease and having to undergo a double-lung transplant. He wanted to create a nourishing, clean, tasty drink.. that’s how Rumble came about!

Rumble is nutrient-packed and contains 20g of protein, omega 3’s, 8g of fibre, anti-oxidants, and lots of calcium!

They also donate a portion of their sales to help fight hunger!

There is a new flavour now that all you coffee lovers will approve of! Coffee Bean. Come try it today! All flavours are on a huge sale, 2 for $6.00!!