Jul 26, 2015

New Minimalist Sandals: Luna Sandals


Have you seen our new Luna minimalist sandals yet?!

They are barefoot sandals that are hand-crafted in Seattle, WA. Luna believes in being more connected and in tune with our bodies to help regain happiness and amazing health. By going off of traditional designs from around the world and learning from our ancestors, Luna created their minimalist footwear with natural, sustainable materials that are easy to make by hand with simple tools. Right in line with our views here at Health Essentials, Luna believes that minimalist footwear traditions are part of our shared heritage and that it is sacred to preserve them.

Luna sandals are great for everyday wear and can assist you with any kind of outdoor activity you are in to! Hiking, walking, running, trail running, water sports, marathoning, pretty much any adventure you can think of!

Come try a pair on today!