May 18, 2015

New Line: Life Choice


Have you seen our new Life Choice line yet? These high quality products are from the purist possible pharmaceutical grade sources. Life Choice strives to keep a consistent high quality in all of their products and only stick with proven raw material suppliers. Their products are very revolutionary in this industry and we are very excited about them! We have their Adrenal Gland, Ephedra, DMSO gel & liquid, and HGH+. Since these products are pretty high-tech we are going to break them down for you on our blog so you can understand them better!


Starting with the Adrenal Gland:



Are you stressed out, have no energy, moody, or craving salty foods? Your adrenal glands may fatigued! Your adrenal glands secrete cortisol and stimulate our bodies to produce progesterone, testosterone, and other hormones.

Life Choice has an amazing adrenal supplement that is made from concentrated bovine adrenal glands! The glands are from New Zealand pastured cows that are also hormone and antibiotic free. They are quickly frozen ensuring the cellular structure is not damaged and preserved in a biologically active and live state.

Glandular therapy is said to increase the function, tone, and/or activity of the corresponding gland, and glands are also rich in many nutrients including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, polypeptides, enzymes, and many other substances. Some of the benefits of glandular therapy include fat loss, muscle building, better digestion, and other improvements often taken for granted.

The tissues work with all other products and foods you ingest, and for a tissue cell to repair or replace itself, it must have the raw materials to do so. Glandular therapy provides these raw materials to your weakened organs, glands, and other tissues so that they can start the process of regeneration.

Life Choice has also added vitamin C and Gotu Kola to help with the stress and anxiety symptoms of depleted adrenals.


Sounds amazing! Keep an eye out for the next product we will be educating about: Life Choice’s HGH+