Dec 12, 2015

New Island-Raised Free Range Heritage Pork!


We have some AMAZING new pork from upisland! This pork is raised upisland in Black Creek at the same farm as our grass-fed bison and water buffalo. They are heritage breeds of Berkshire and Berkshire Tamworth crosses, and thrive living outside rather than being cooped up in barns. These pigs grow slower than commercially raised pigs and they have smaller litters born without the use of farrowing crates or confinement. Mom and piglets are free to be together right from birth as nature would have it. They are all raised outdoors and are free to range on the farm’s meadow grasses, young alder stands, and in a fir/hemlock forest.

They are fed organic produce waste and a custom blended non GMO feed that contains the additions of diatomaceous earth and dried kelp. This type of feeding is not only better for the pigs but also makes the meat and fats much healthier than commercial pork! These two breeds are sought after for their old world meat, which is slightly darker, and marbles well so the meat is naturally juicy and flavourful with exceptional texture.

We have a variety of sausages, bacon, ground, smokies, jerky, shelf stable meat sticks, and pepperoni. All of the products are made with no added fillers and/or gluten too!