Oct 13, 2016

Kaizen Protein – Our Staff Review


Kaizen Protein - Our Staff Review

Kaizen Whey

Kaizen is a premium quality New Zealand sourced whey protein that comes from pasture-raised cows! This protein contains no added sugar, gluten, artificial flavours, hormones, antibiotics or pesticides. In addition, their whey protein is extremely easy to digest, tastes delicious and mixes easily without a blender! To prove it, we got our staff to test and review Kaizen Protein.

There is a Kaizen Whey flavour for everyone!  Kaizen Whey comes in the following flavours:

  • Natural
  • Vanilla Bean
  • Decadent Chocolate
  • Strawberry
  • Orange
  • Cinnamon Bun

What is whey protein?

Whey is one of two proteins found in milk.  It is a complete protein, containing all essentials amino acids.  It’s also absorbed VERY quickly and is highly bioavailable.  Whey has been prized for aiding in muscle recovery, its immune modulating and regenerative components, and for containing pre-cursors necessary for glutathione production.

Most people will consume whey as a form of post workout nutrition to aid in recovery, but it can also be consumed at other times of the day as an added protein boost!

Our staff review on Kaizen Whey protein. They’ve tested it for a month and this is what they thought:


bradys review

“I’m loving the Kaizen Whey, it mixes well with water and the Orange flavour is a great change from the typical Chocolate and Vanilla flavours. I really appreciate Kaizen’s commitment to keeping their product as clean as possible using stevia and natural flavourings as well as sourcing from quality dairy. I usually have my shake post exercise mixed with ice!” – Brady


tiffany's review

“Love using kaizen chocolate protein for a sweet treat without the harmful effects of sugar. Getting a little extra protein in my day gives me more energy too! I blend a scoop of kaizen protein with a quarter avocado , a splash of coconut milk and a half a frozen banana to make a delicious pudding… yum! ” – Tiffany


Johns review

“I loved using the Kaizen Whey protein! It worked great as a pick-me-up midday at work, especially on busy days. It helped fill me up and give me energy for the rest of my shift :). I tried the chocolate one because #chocolateislife.”
– John


“I tried the Kaizen Vegan chocolate protein. I very much enjoyed this protein. With most proteins I usually have some difficulty with my stomach, but with this one I had no trouble! It’s a great product for people with sensitive stomachs, like myself!” – Laura


Kaizen Protein Catherine Review

“I love adding Kaizen Whey protein to my morning shakes! My body digests the protein very easily, and I love how it’s from grass-fed New Zealand cows.  This protein tastes amazing too, and blends in flawlessly.” – Catherine


Kaizen Protein Tylers Review“Kaizen’s Whey protein is one of the best protein powders I have tried. It’s easy to mix with water, or my favourite way to have it, with yogurt. I have tons of energy after I have whey, and when mixed with yogurt, it also helps keep me full for hours.  My body has no problem digesting this protein powder!”-Tyler

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