Apr 28, 2015

Icebreaker Merino: The Rover


Have you tried on our incredible new Icebreaker merino wool clothing yet? It is the best of the best.

Looking for a new hoodie that will satisfy all of your needs and also last more than a few seasons? Tyler is modelling the long sleeve Rover hoodie. This hoodie is perfect for every day use with it’s comfortable soft feel and casual look. It will keep your body at perfect temperature in any environment. The merino wool comes sustainably from merino sheep high in the New Zealand Alps. Their wool is naturally thermoregulating as they live in extreme weather conditions with temperatures going all the way down to -20 degrees celsius and up to +35 degrees celsius. It is super lightweight, and gets softer every time you wear it!

Come and see our huge selection and get your wardrobe ready so you can be in nature.. while wearing nature!

Read more about Icebreaker here: http://ca.icebreaker.com/en/about-icebreaker/about-landing.html