Apr 17, 2015

Have you Registered Yet? – Spring Cleansing!


Have you registered for our next seminar yet? Join us May 6th at 6:30pm for a free seminar on Spring Cleansing for Whole Body Health!

Join us with Charity Parkinson, Master Herbalist & Holistic Nutrition Coach, to learn how interconnected our internal systems really are and how you can make great improvements in your overall being.

Why you’ll want to make it:

– Learn why natural cleansing is so essential to our health

– Which herbs and foods support our detoxification pathways best

– How the health of our gut can predict our overall health
– The key lifestyle choices to reduce toxin overload and prevent chronic disease


RSVP to book your spot now! Call 250-590-5524 or email hello@myhealthessentials.ca

At Health Essentials Community Centre

(Above the store, 101-300 Gorge Rd West Victoria BC)