Oct 3, 2016

Fall Picnic Essentials


Our Island has some of the most beautiful places to have an outdoor picnic anytime of year! Who doesn’t love getting outside when the leaves start turning that vibrant yellow and red colour of fall?! ┬áWe have put together our fall favourite picnic essentials to help you plan your portable, outdoor lunch!

Fall Picnic Essentials:


Kitchen Table Cheese Crackers:


These low-carb crackers are made entirely from cheese ingredients! They contain no wheat, gluten or sugar! They are also extremely crunchy and pair perfectly with … more cheese ­čÖé for cheese & crackers!


L’Ancetre Cheese:

L’Ancetre cheese is made in Quebec from dairy sourced from seasonally pastured cows! It has an amazing texture and strong cheese flavour. It’s also raw, so it is naturally lactose-free! ­čÖé It pairs perfectly with crackers and is sure to be a┬áhit!


West Coast Smokin’ Oysters:


Oysters are FULL of nutrients and are also extremely delicious.  These naturally smoked oysters are full of delicious flavour, are made locally & are packed in lightweight retort packages.  They are extremely easy to pack and are sure to be a crowd fav!


Hornby Island Herb Pátê:


Horby Island’s Herb Pate is an amazing addition to a cheese and cracker spread. ┬áMade locally, on Hornby Island, it’s extremely flavourful, with tons of herbs and great ingredients! It’s also vegetarian friendly, gluten-free, dairy-free & soy free…. so most anyone can enjoy it!


Gone Nuts Sprouted Nut Mixes:


Gone Nuts sprouts all of the nuts that they use in these delicious mixes, ensuring increased digestibility! They are mixed with tons of superfoods and fantastic flavours, making them a great snack. ┬áThey’re packed in resealable packages too, enhancing their picnic-friendliness ;).


Brew Dr.  Kombucha:


Brew Dr. ┬áKombucha by Townshend’s Tea Co. is made with Organic tea leaves & probiotic bacteria. ┬áThis effervescent drink is the ultimate digestion-helper, and with the unique blend of herbs in each bottle, there’s sure to be a flavour for everyone!


Level Ground Golden Berries:


Golden berries are known as nature’s sour candies! They’re fantastic as a post-meal treat! Level Ground adds no sugar or preservatives to their dried fruits, which means you can enjoy these guys guilt-free!


Abeego Food Wrap:


Abeego Food Wrap is a must-have for packing food to bring with on your picnic, as well as for packaging any leftovers! Made with beeswax, this re-usable food wrap is great for the environment, is easy to care-for and will cover most any containers or foods!

Happy Picnic-ing!! ­čÖé┬á