Jun 9, 2015

Educational Highlight: Pacific Rim College


Educational Highlight: Pacific Rim College Affordable Treatments, Doulas and Workshops in our City

To grow we need change, challenge and experiences. Pacific Rim College is one of our favorite places to evoke inspiration.

A little about Pacific Rim College

PRC was founded to be a leading school of complementary and integrative medicine, providing many natural health disciplines all under one roof. The founding partner Todd Howard wanted to create a school that not only offered different facets of integrative medicine but also did so at a highly academic and professional level.

PRC is committed to preserving the environment and the indigenous knowledge of the medicines that they practice and teach. They integrate modern and traditional medical practices and endeavor to ensure that ancient knowledge will not be lost and that the consumption of toxic pharmaceutical byproducts will be kept to a minimum.

PRC is Vancouver Island Green Business Certified at the highest level, as well as being Bullfrog Powered, Canada’s 100% green energy provider. Bullfrog’s green electricity comes exclusively from wind and hydro facilities that have been certified as low impact by Environment Canada under the EcoLogoM program.

PRC also offers a wide variety of very affordable services to the public.

The general public can receive treatments by Advanced Level Students under the supervision of a Licensed Practitioner, or by a Licensed Practitioner with Student observers.

•           Acupuncture ($25 or less)

•           Chinese Herbal Medicine (free)

•           Western Herbal Medicine (Phytotherapy) (free)

•           Holistic Nutrition (free)

WellPlan is a unique wellness strategy designed to keep you and your family healthy through the use of non-toxic, sustainable therapies. Members receive unlimited monthly treatments in the Student Clinic for only $1.30 per day.


One of PRC’s unique programs is The Holistic Doula Certificate. This program is the most comprehensive Doula program offered in North America and PRC is excited to offer this high level of education to our community.

Preparing students to work as Prenatal, Birth, and Postpartum Doulas, the education and training provided within the Holistic Doula Certificate Program is based on complementary and integrative approaches, bridging Western Medicine with holistic therapies. This program has been exceptionally successful, as there is a demand for Doulas seeking more advanced education then what has previously been available. So far, they have had students throughout Canada, the US, and Mexico complete this certificate.

 Interested in their workshops? There are seven worshops coming up over the next couple of months. Check it out! http://www.pacificrimcollege.com/workshops/