Oct 11, 2016



Fight Inflammation with Charity Parkinson, Cl.H

charity inflammation


Join us on Wednesday, October 26th for an informative & engaging seminar with one of our favourite local herbalists, Charity Parkinson! Inflammation, often referred to as the silent killer. is the leading cause of many of the modern day diseases and disorders that much of the population is dealing with today.  If you’ve got pain somewhere or an ongoing chronic illness, chances are your body is dealing with some inflammation.  Come and learn more about this “silent killer” as well as some effective techniques and tools that you can implement to reduce inflammation and feel amazing!

Check out this short video where Charity explains a bit more about what we can expect on October 26th! 🙂 


Charity Parkinson is a Holistic Nutrition Coach and Clinical Herbalist who has an extensive background working in the natural product industry.  We have hosted Charity for seminars in the past and she is an extremely captivating and informative educator.  We are so pleased to be having her back! 🙂


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