Sep 17, 2016

Benefits of Traditional Sourdough



That’s right, we said it is a-okay to LOVE sourdough! This delicious carb can be welcomed with open arms, or if you’ve previously cut it out of your life, you can now lovingly reintroduce it. Sound too good to be true? Need some convincing? Here are 5 key reasons to (re)love sourdough!

  1. Easy to Digest

    Sourdough is made using bacteria cultures, yeast and Lactobacillus, and is produced using a fermentation process.  The active cultures and the fermentation of the dough make sourdough easier to digest and its nutrients far more bioavailable!

  2. Naturally Low Gluten Levels

    When sourdough is made traditionally, it is left to ferment and soak for longer periods of time.  During these processes, the bacteria that are active inside the dough, work to break down a protein known as “gluten”, into its amino acid substituents.  Although not technically “gluten-free”, sourdough is generally well tolerated by gluten-sensitive people!

  3. Stays Fresh for Longer

    A substance known as acetic acid is released when sourdough is made, and this substance acts as a natural preservative.  It naturally inhibits the growth of mould, so NO nasty preservatives required!!

  4. It tastes amazing!

    Much unlike a lot of the “conventional” doughs that are consumed today, sourdough has a tangy, very distinct flavour! It is sure to be a favourite in any household.

  5. Supports a Healthy Gut

    Sourdough has pre-biotic properties! As it turns out, the fermentation process and the bacterial cultures in sourdough are beneficial for gut health :)!

Who would have known that something so delicious, could be SO great for you?!

Our Top Sourdough Choices:

Kaslo Pasta is one of our VERY favourite sourdough options. Here is why:


  • Kaslo Sourdough Pasta is made by a family in the Kootenay’s, right in B.C!
  • Kaslo Pasta is a a traditionally fermented pasta, made through generations of wisdom :). Their process ensures all of the gut health benefits are present!
  • The quality of the flour that is used to make Kaslo Pasta is prioritized in each batch – sourcing organically & locally whenever possible.
  • Kaslo uses top of the line Italian technology to cut & form their pasta, which improves the texture of the noodles!
  • Kaslo uses only natural spring water that is collected directly from a spring near their home, and UV treated.  The water that they use is free of chlorine and other chemicals or treatments!

Another great sourdough option is our BRAND NEW bread by Shasha Bread Co! This is why we love it:


  • Shasha Co. is Canada’s leading artisan bakery!
  • They use a combination of traditional ancient techniques and innovative methods to produce top quality organic bread products.
  • Shasha sourced their ingredients organically and as locally as possible!
  • All of Shasha’s breads are free of added sugars, preservatives, and unnatural additives.
  • They use sprouted grains for even higher digestibility!