Aug 18, 2015

Back to School Essentials!


Sorry students… but it’s almost back to school time! We have all your back to school essentials here. Healthy snacks, body care, vitamins to help out your brain, lunch items, peanut free options, and lots more!

Here are our top back to school picks:


Rumble is PERFECT for busy students on the go! You may have seen this delicious drink on Dragon’s Den and the incredible story behind it. The founder, Paul (a local from Victoria!), was determined to get the most out of life while battling a genetic lung disease and having to undergo a double-lung transplant. He wanted to create a nourishing, clean, tasty drink.. that’s how Rumble came about!

Rumble is nutrient-packed and contains 20g of protein, omega 3’s, 8g of fibre, anti-oxidants, and lots of calcium!

They also donate a portion of their sales to help fight hunger!



You’ve got to stay hydrated at school! Nuun All Day is a delicious tasting electrolyte/vitamin tablet to add to your water to help increase energy and help fill in possible nutrient gaps!

By adding flavour and electrolytes to water, you actually trigger your body’s natural reaction to drink more by up to 90%. With dehydration being a major issue these days, and especially with the weather getting warmer, Nuun All Day helps increase consumption of water and keep you hydrated for your busy days. It contains 17 vitamins and minerals, it is under 8 calories, and has no added sugars!



Don’t be stinky in class! We are absolutely LOVING this new natural deodorant! Routine was created by two sisters, Neige and Pippa in Calgary Alberta. It contains only clean and wholesome ingredients and is ethically crafted with the health of the planet as priority.

The bases of these awesome formulas are clay and beeswax! The clay naturally absorbs sweat and the beeswax acts as a stabilizer and helps it last all day. The consistency is so creamy and there are a lot of great scents to choose from.



Can (adult) students survive without coffee? The AeroPress makes the smoothest, richest, purest, and fastest coffee ever! The difference in taste is extremely noticeable. With the AeroPress, the ground coffee is completely immersed in the hot water, resulting in total extraction of the flavour compounds and less bitterness and acidity than conventional methods with it’s shorter brew time. The AeroPress only takes 20-40 seconds to make your perfect cup of coffee!



Our meat sticks make the perfect snack! Made from 100% grass fed bison and water buffalo from upisland, these sticks are packed with nutrients that will satisfy your hunger and keep you energized for the day when you are in a pinch. The Caveman Sticks also have 25% organ meat!! Great brain food!


Our Sisu U-Cube multi vitamin gummies are on sale! These vitamin gummies are so tasty, your little ones will think that they are treats in their lunches instead of vitamins!


Kale chips are a great addition to a lunch or snack on they’re own! So many delicious flavours to choose from too.


Cashew and almond butter are delicious peanut-free options! Spread it on some organic rice cakes and you’re good to go!