Nov 4, 2015

Are your candles helpful or harmful?


Candle season is upon us! Who doesn’t love spending chilly nights at home illuminated by only the nice warm glow of candlelight?

Do you know what your candles are made of? Lots of candles can actually be harmful to you and your living environment. For example, lots of paraffin wax candles are made from by-productfs of fossil fuels and when burning are the equivalent to inhaling exhaust fumes. They are also often scented with harmful artificial fragrances and bleached/dyed with toxic colourants.

Honey Candles are made with 100% beeswax and are non-carcinogenic, solvent free, and do not contain hazardous additives. The wicks are made with top quality cotton and they do not use lead or zinc cores, which is used in some conventional candles.

100% beeswax candles not only give off a beautiful soft light, they actually clean the air as they burn too! Pure beeswax candles create negative ions when burning, neutralizing positive ions such as dust, allergens, and air borne toxins.

The burn time for these candles is outstandingly long as well!

Tealights: 4-5 hours

Votives: 12-13 hours

3″ Round Pillar: 35-45 hours

5″ Round Pillar 55-65 hours