Jul 9, 2015

A Biohacker’s Best Friend: Benagene


Have you heard of AOR’s Benagene?

It has had amazing anti-aging, health-span increase, and life-span increase results in several studies over the past 5 years. It stimulates 350 anti-aging genes and has also been shown to help reduce blood glucose levels.

What is it?

Benagene is a thermally stabilized oxaloacetate, one of the first of it’s kinds on the market. It contains two components already found in the human body: 3-carboxy-3-oxypropanotic acid (3C30) and Vitamin C.

3C30 is a bio-identical human metabolite that increases the NAD+/NADH ratio which has shown a 20% increase in lifespan in laboratory animals. NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is present in all cells and is extremely important to the production of ATP (your body’s main source of all immediate energy).

3C30 is also central to the metabolism and found in every cell in your body. Clinical trials of 3C30 have also shown a reduction in glucose levels, better blood sugar management, and has been shown to protect neurological tissue, pancreatic tissue, and eye tissue.

Besides being a great anti-oxidant, consumers have found a reduction in sugar cravings, improved energy, improvement in sleep, reduction in constipation, and reduction in the ability to create and store fat.