Dec 9, 2015

Countdown to Christmas: 16 Days, Vitamix


The Countdown to Christmas continues! Only 16 days! Our Vitamix blenders are on special for the season! ?

We have two different varieties!

The TurboBlend VS has the ability to chop, cream, blend, heat, grind, churn, and more! It is self-cleaning and comes with a 7-year full warranty. You can make anything from soup to ice cream in it’s 2 HP peak motor! It will change the way you prepare your food. On sale for $549!

The 7500 is for people who need a little bit more power. It has a super high performance motor of 2.2 HP at it’s peak. We have this guy on sale for $629.99, and it also comes with a 7 year warranty!

This would be an amazing Christmas gift! Think of all the food you will be thanked with! ???