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Our ancestors had it right… they knew what being healthy was all about. Traditional wisdom around health provides us with so much insight about how we can live healthy lives today! Back in the day we ate local food, maintained active lifestyles, and supported each other. We also understood that there were not necessarily good or bad foods, but instead better times and ways to consume them.
These are the exact values that we hold dear to us today and what Health Essentials is all about!

We started this business because we’re just like you – we want the best for our own health, as well as the health of our family and friends. We saw that there was an overwhelming amount of information out there and we wanted to build a business where we could connect with people and provide the best options available. We were always excited to discover new ways to live a more vibrant life but noticed people we cared about were struggling with making healthy decisions. Our vision was about building a community that supports people in making optimal lifestyle choices!

Our customers are intelligent and excellence seeking individuals, who strive to optimize themselves everyday. We get excited when we can help someone find the missing ingredient to their personal health goals and we are continuously learning about new products and trends! We love to help those around us achieve optimal health and work tirelessly to find amazing resources for the people we care about. We not only want to provide supplements and products, but also ingredients for your table like quality meats, cheeses, and dairy. We work hard to find the best ingredients and supporting local is a top priority for us!

We are all working together to help our community be more vibrant and our mission is to help you achieve your health and lifestyle goals. It’s all about being proactive with what we put into and on our bodies and how we can make more informed choices. Our team and partnership network are committed to creating a sustainable and healthy future for you and your family!


We’re a Victoria owned and operated health store and we specialize in providing exceptional quality ingredients that complement your healthy lifestyle and we are always on the hunt for the very best products and foods. Our team members absolutely know their stuff and live the lifestyle too. They’re engaged, friendly, and passionate about whole-body health, and are very eager to help you discover healthy and delicious ingredients as well as effective supplements to improve the experiences in your life. Let’s get healthy and stay healthy together!