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Health Essentials is the most community oriented and progressive store that I have been to across the country. The passion, service, educational  workshops and product offerings are in total alignment with optimal health for  everyone. If you haven’t yet been to the store, be sure to make it your next priority. It is the destination for anyone on a journey toward better health.
~Charity Parkinson Cl.H., H.N.C.

Charity Parkinson


Health Essentials is one of my favorite spots to visit in Victoria. I’ve had the pleasure of giving 2 lectures at the store, to a large, wonderfully engaged, and attentive audience. Lynn and Tyler really understand the needs of their customers and this reflects in both their choice in products that line the shelves as well as the speakers they invite to share information. I love shopping in their store, I always find incredibly unique gut healing products that I haven’t seen in any other store. But my absolute favorite part of my visits to Health Essentials is speaking to the staff. Everyone on the floor are kind, knowledgeable, and live the lifestyle they recommend. Health Essentials is one of the reasons I love visiting Victoria.
Lisa Kilgour, R.H.N.



Lisa Kilgour R.H.N

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Thanks so much Lynn and Tyler for the amazing lecture experience at Health Essentials. You take such good care of us speakers and the lecture space you have created is so joyful. Your audience is so grateful, intelligent and positive. I think the shoppers are a reflection of what you have created. Your product choice is spot on! I love that you edit your choices based on how ethical and health promoting the product is vs making room for products that are purely popular. I stocked up on rare products at your store that not only taste great but help me keep up with my extensive book tour. You are living the healthy lifestyle and the glow shows!


Julie Daniluk R.H.N. | http://www.juliedaniluk.com

motivate, educate, empower, heal.


Julie Daniluk R.H.N

I love we that we have a local health store in our neighbourhood. I always enjoy going in to find out about all the latest health products and to pick up some of my usual supplements. Tyler and Brady are both very helpful and passionate about the health industry and I know I will receive good sound advice.

Shonna Leung

Each and every person I speak with is friendly and incredibly knowledgeable. I learn something new every visit and I leave knowing I’ve been given excellent advice. I’ve never felt like I was “sold” something – I was given the information to make the decision for myself. I’m thrilled with Health Essentials and they’re my first stop now whenever I come into town.

Jason Finnerty

I just wanted to let you know that I purchased a pair of Vibram five fingers at your store yesterday and the customer service I received was excellent. Unfortunately I did not get the gentleman’s name who helped me, but maybe you can figure it out. I was there on Jan. 7 at about 3:00.  He was knowledgable, patient and helpful in answering all my questions about the product. I really appreciated his good service.

Linda Hilyer

Hey guys,

I just received my first mail order from you. It arrived super fast and exactly how I ordered it. What a great business you have started. I wish I still lived in Victoria. I will definitely be ordering from you again.
Best Regards,

Chris Johnston


“As a Canadian Lifestyle research I try to motivate people, of all age groups , to enjoy the most spectacular Love affair of their life—robust health, on-demand abundant energy and a true sense of the sacred heartfelt bliss and gratitude for living Life on Mother Earth.”

“Occasionally I come across extraordinary people that R equally committed to human excellence , in their own Life Force, and continually display a compelling intensity to share the most cutting edge information with others, so they too may achieve and maintain
Superior well-being mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, all-Life-long. “

Right here in our own backyard in 2011, Tyler & Lynn, started the most unique community health and wholesome , natural food store—– Health Essentials, at the northwest corner of Tillicum & Gorge Road West.

I discovered that their personal creation was no coincidence, but a passion, dream, and outrageous pure vibrations, creating and sustaining a harmoniously functional model of the
“perfect” healthy, Health Store—so U can maintain vibrant health with a brilliant brain, throughout your whole, exceptional Life experience.”

I Rate Them 5 Stars +
Sam Graci
Creator of Greens+
Cutting edge researcher
Author of 4 #1 best selling books such as: The Path To Phenomenal Health


Sam Graci