Health Essentials

Our mission was to create a community of health conscious consumers who wanted to engage with knowledgeable staff who could actually help them make sense of the products available! We wanted to make sure that every single product that we carried had been carefully selected with purpose.

Our passion for quality is and always will be the number one priority.



Health Essentials was created out of passion. Our background has always been in health, and we’ve been helping those closest to us solve their challenges surrounding wellness for years. We’ve seen people we care about struggle to find products that meet their needs. Our friends wanted to know how to have more energy, live better, where to find quality supplements, ingredients and foods to sustain their healthy goals. They came to us because they knew we obsessively researched for the best health and lifestyle product choices.

We continued our research, found the best products and enlisted an amazing team of people to serve you!  We wanted a business that our community could shop at for everything health.  That’s how it started!

Welcome to Health Essentials, Victoria and Vancouver Island’s best choice for nutritious and delicious ingredients and supplements. As a healthy living resource, we provide our community with quality products to help in achieving an exceptional lifestyle.

Come visit us at our store on the corner of Gorge and Tillicum where we have an extensive selection of all things health – from health supplements, to sports nutrition products, to natural bodycare, a freezer full of wild meat, a broad range of local grass-fed dairy, lots of traditional foods, a wide selection of barefoot shoes, and a fantastic line of Icebreaker Merino Wool clothing! Also, check out our amazing online store so you can order your Health Essentials no matter where you are… but of course, we would love to see you in person whenever possible!

Our vision behind Health Essentials has always been about providing you with the tools to cultivate your lifestyle goals!

Committed to the Best

You want the best and we understand that there is a lot of information available. It can be confusing and contradicting – so rest assured that every product we offer has been researched and is here for a reason. We seek out the best quality, best efficacy, and we guarantee outstanding prices.
Shop with us and shop with confidence!

Health is Our Passion

At Health Essentials in Victoria, you’ll find we’re friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about providing an outstanding selection of products that fit your lifestyle.

Choose from the best supplements to fill your nutritional needs or discover our amazing selection of high-quality meats, cheeses and other traditional foods. We are dedicated to putting time-honored foods back onto your plate! The wide selection that we carry includes local and wild meats, unpasteurized fermented foods, sprouted nuts and grains, and grass-fed dairy.

Many of our new customers are surprised to learn about the variety of meats we carry including local grass-fed beef, bison, and water buffalo, pastured pork, chicken, wild boar, elk, and yak, wild camel and wild kangaroo!