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Genuine Health Fermented Vegan Protein+ Vanilla


Genuine Health, Fermented Vegan Proteins+, Digestive Support, Natural Vanilla Flavour

Why Fermented Protein?

  • Promotes overall digestive health and thereby healthy gut bacteria
  • Primes the gut for the absorption of other health promoting ingredients
  • Unlocks vitamins, minerals, amino acids and carbohydrates for optimal absorption by the body
  • Removes anti-nutrients and harmful bacteria found in many foods
  • Supports the immune system

Fermented Protein Blend, Unique to Genuine Health!

  •  Only Genuine Health’s fermented vegan proteins+ contains a custom formulated blend of carefully selected high quality vegan ingredients that are all exceptionally high in protein content and together provide a unique and synergistic source of high quality fermented protein
  • These unique vegan ingredients are artisanally fermented in small batches using non-dairy probiotics by professional microbiologists who monitor and control the entire process to ensure pristine quality and the perfect level of
    fermentation for optimal health benefits
  • Finished product is packed full of nutritional value, predigested and ready for your body to use. In no other product can this custom blend be found!

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Fermented pea protein isolate, fermented brown rice protein concentrate, fermented vegan protein blend (organic help protein, organic quinoa sprouts, alfalfa protein, organic spirulina, mung bean sprouts). Natural vanilla flavour blend, organic stevia leaf extract, xantham gum, Lo Han Guo (monk fruit extract). Contains sulphites (naturally occurring)



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