Liposomal Vitamin C 150ml

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NutriStart, Liposomal Vitamin C

Nutristart is proud to introduce their newest product, Liposomal Vitamin C. Below are 15 scientifically proven benefits of vitamin C, collected by

1. Prevent and Treat the Common Cold
2. Boost Your Absorption of Iron
3. Prevent Scurvy
4. Decrease the Risk of Developing a Urinary Tract Infection
5. May Help Prevent Cardiovascular Disease
6. Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease (Possibly, When Taken with Vitamin E)
7. Fight Oxidative Damage in Your Body
8. May Reduce the Chances of Developing Cataracts
9. Possibly Slow the Progression of Age-Related Macular Degeneration
10. Increase Bone Density
11. Prevent Soreness and Damage to Muscle Tissue from Exercising
12. Improve Mood and Libido
13. Improve Blood Circulation
14. Reduce Wrinkles and Age Lines While Treating Sun Damage
15. Increase the Absorption of Calcium

Why Choose Liposomal Vitamin C?

While vitamin C is generally well absorbed in most people, it does not remain in circulation for long (generally only a couple of hours). As well, some people find vitamin C to cause digestive disturbances or a laxative effect. And, for those missing a portion of their intestinal tract (due to surgery for Crohn’s disease or cancer), or with extreme digestive disorders (celiac disease for example), nutrient absorption is an ongoing problem.

Liposomal vitamin C was tested against the most effective, longest-retained form of vitamin C (ascorbate). The liposomal vitamin C proved to be better absorbed and retained for longer than buffered vitamin C (sodium ascorbate). (See graph below.)

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Each 5 ml serving (just over 1 teaspoon) provides 1,000mg of Vitamin C (as sodium ascorbate, ascorbic acid) and 400mg of natural (non-hydrogenated) Phosphatidylcholine.

OTHER INGREDIENTS: Purified water, natural flavors, potassium sorbate.

Natural flavors are fruit and berry extracts and contain no MSG. Vegan. Tested Non-GMO, gluten and soy free. Some people may prefer to take dose in water or juice. However, the flavor of liposomal vitamin C is milder, the viscosity lower, and the liposomes clear the mouth quicker, than other liposomal products. Thus it tastes better and can also just be taken undiluted, under the tongue.





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