Icebreaker Merino Wool

Why do we love Icebreaker?


We proudly carrying the largest selection of Icebreaker Merino Wool in Victoria. Find it in store or order by phone 250-590-5524.

Icebreaker Merino Wool Features

  • Icebreaker Merino Wool is high-performance, long-lasting, amazing quality clothing that is perfect for any outdoor or indoor occasion!
  • Merino wool comes from merino sheep which live at high altitudes in the New Zealand Alps. Since they live in such extreme temperatures (up to 35 degrees celcius and down to minus 20) their wool is naturally thermoregulating – cooling in hot temperatures, warm and cozy in the cold.
  • You can wear your Icebreaker merino over and over without washing it. Merino wool is naturally anti-bacterial and does not hold onto dirt or odor!!
  • Did you you know that wool is the least flammable of fibers?! It is self-extinguishing and unlike synthetics it won‚Äôt melt and stick to your skin, therefore making Icebreaker Merino extremely fire safe!!
  • Because merino wool is made in the mountains rather than a lab, it is sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable!
  • It’s the perfect material to compliment our beautiful West Coast lifestyle!

Commitment to Sustainability & Quality

  • Not all merino wool is created equal. With Icebreaker you will take comfort in knowing it is the best of the best! New Zealand merino is the strongest, purist, longest, whitest merino fiber made, meaning it is more durable, less likely to pill, and stays soft longer.
  • Icebreaker has created long-term contracts with proud merino farmers all over New Zealand. These contracts help support merino farms in raising happy animals. That is to say, they have vast areas to roam, a low stress living environment and quality grass and organic food. You are what you eat, and we know that what we put in our bodies determines the quality of our health and hair… it works the same for sheep ūüėČ !
  • The durability and quality of their wool is completely influence by the merino‚Äôs environment and food. ¬†As a result,¬†you know the sheep are happy and feeling as nice as you will in the wool they worked hard to make!

Come try some on and see for yourself why Icebreaker Merino the only thing we want to wear!




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