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If you haven’t tried Bulletproof Coffee yet, you’re seriously missing out! At Heath Essentials, you’ll find everything you need to make a perfect cup; the upgraded alternative to your morning cuppa joe. If you’re looking for an upgraded morning with a crash-less energy boost, try adding Bulletproof™ coffee to your daily routine!!

Bulletproof Coffee is Life. Upgraded.

What is Bulletproof Coffee?


A modern take on the long-established Tibetan yak-butter tea, Bulletproof Coffee™ is the biohacking community’s solution to improving mental clarity and increasing energy. And the first time you try it, you will be blown away. Perhaps you’ll even feel bulletproof.

It starts with selecting upgraded beans that are produced to be low in mycotoxins (no jitters). Make a fresh cup of coffee and blend in 100% grass-fed butter and Brain Octane oil (18x Stronger Than Coconut Oil – For Maximum Cognitive Function! And what you end up with is a delicious frothy latte that you will fall in love with.

Bulletproof Coffee gives you sustained energy without the crash by providing your body healthy saturated fats and productive medium-chain triglycerides to fuel your brain.

Watch as the Bulletproof Executive Explains
How to Make Bulletproof Coffee.

Why Butter?

downloadThis is often the top question on people’s minds when it comes to a healthy coffee. Butter has long been considered one of nature’s multivitamins but butter consumption has dramatically decreased over the past 100 years. Because of butter’s wonderful nutritional properties, we feel it is something that you will want to concern yourself with consuming on a daily basis.

NEW! Bulletproof Grassfed Ghee

Can’t have butter due to intolerances? Going travelling and would love to be able to bring your Bulletproof Coffee regime with you? No problem! Bulletproof Grassfed Ghee contains virtually no dairy and is shelf stable! Ghee is clarified butter fat.  It has an extremely dense nutrient profile and a deliciously rich buttery flavour! It can be used in lieu of butter for Bulletproof Coffee or cooking as it has an extremely high smoke point.

Upgrade your Day and SAVE at Health Essentials

Victoria’s Best Price for Bulletproof Coffee

Victoria’s Best Price for Bulletproof Coffee At Health Essentials, we focus on the best: best products, best service and best price. We’ve done our research to find you the right ingredients for your Bulletproof Coffee and we’ve got them for you here in our location in Victoria or online for delivery right to your home.

We have the complete line of Bulletproof™ essentials including:

  • NEW! Bulletproof Grassfed Ghee: 100% pure clarified butter fat
  • Brain Octane : for improved cognitive performance (18x concentrate)
  • Upgraded XCT oil: fast energy and improved nutrient absorption (6x concentrate)
  • Coffee Beans: the official Bulletproof™ beans
  • Ground Coffee: Conveniently ground
  • Coffee cartridges: a fast and convenient single-serve option
  • Decaf Beans: Processed with Swiss Water process
  • VanillaMax: Low-Toxin Cured Vanilla Powder
  • Chocolate Powder: raw heirloom cacao powder
  • Airscape Canister: preserve the flavour and freshness

We guarantee exceptional prices on all Bulletproof Products & Essentials.