Mar 17, 2017

The SierraSil Story


The SierraSil Story

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Have you heard of SierraSil? It’s a joint health formula made of a mineral-rich clay that has shown to improve cartilage and joint function as well as support gentle detoxification of the body – thus promoting overall health and well being. It’s clinically researched and guaranteed to show results, FAST!

At Health Essentials, we love learning about the who, what, where and why behind the products that we carry, and we thought the story behind SierraSil was definitely worth sharing!

The Discovery of SierraSil

The story goes: A prospector in search of gold in the Sierra Mountain ranges in Yosemite National Park, stumbled upon the discovery of a VERY mineral rich clay.  Such clay was sought after by the wild animals in the region, who’s instincts drew them to the nutrients in the clay.  The explorer observed the animals, and decided to harvest some of the clay to feed to his domestic livestock.  He observed that the animal’s health steadily improved, and it wasn’t long before the clay was tested on humans.  Now, SierraSil has helped MANY people achieve improved health and vitality, all due to the wisdom of the wild! Pretty cool hey?! Have you used SierraSil? What did you think? Let us know! 🙂