Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire Keto Creamer – Original 240g


Rapid Fire Keto Creamer – Original 240g

  • Helps boost energy levels†
  • May increase cognitive function†
  • Helps to suppress appetite†
  • MCTs are known to strengthen immune function†
  • Supports physical performance†
  • May enhance healthy digestion

For individuals on a keto diet, the Rapid Fire™ Keto Creamer is the perfect solution. It has the same rich ingredients of the Keto Coffee, just without the coffee, since some people cannot part from their usual coffee brand. So simply mix your favorite beverage, tea or coffee with Rapid Fire™ Keto Creamer for a powerful performance-enhancing drink. This gluten free and soy free alternative is your “go to” creamer that adds a smooth taste to your beverage with more nutrients than traditional creamers.

Rapid Fire™ powdered creamer is a mix of MCT oil, coconut oil, and a pinch of pink Himalayan salt. These powerful superfoods contain healthy fats that are loaded with energizing compounds and fat-liberating essential fatty acids and health-protecting antioxidants.  Coconut oil and MCT oil are both known to enhance cognitive function, support weight management and power the brain and body for steady, all-day energy. MCTs have also been shown to suppress your appetite for hours, so you’ll feel full longer. Grass-fed butter contains butyrate, a short chain fatty acid that helps the digestive system to function properly. The many hues of pink, red and white are natural indications of Himalayan salt’s 80 plus complex minerals and elements. These minerals have been shown to create an electrolyte balance, aid metabolism, promote circulation and absorb nutrients quicker.

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Other Ingredients: Ketogenic Creamer Blend [Coconut Oil, MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides), Butter & Grass-fed Butter], Guar Gum, Silicon Dioxide and Himalayan Pink Salt. **Naturally occurring sugar from the milk source. No added sugars. Contains milk and tree nuts (coconuts).

SUGGESTED USE: Mix 2 tablespoons of Rapid Fire into prepared coffee, tea or cocoa. Stir and enjoy



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