Divine Essence

Wild Frankincense Essential Oil 5ml


Divine Essence, Wild Frankincense (Somalia), Essential Oil
Boswellia carterii

Boswellia is a type of shrub-tree whose resin can be culled via small incisions made directly into the tree trunk. The whitish and fragrant resin turns an orangey colour as it hardens. It is from this resin that the essential oil is derived by means of steam distillation.

Frankincense essential oil is used in aromatherapy as nerve calming and to help relieve cold and cough symptoms.

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NPN – 80059681

Other name – Olibanum

Botanical name – Boswellia carterii

Origin – Somalia

Culture – Wild

Extraction method – Steam distillation

Part used – Top grade resin

Color – Pale yellow to yellow

Odor – Resinous, woody and warm

Chemotype – A PINENE



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